ISD: Client Solutions & Customer Services (1840P)

Program Outcome Statement

Provide responsive and reliable support while continuously improving customer satisfaction for all customer-facing ISD services.

Program Services

-Desktop/End User Device Support

-IT Service Desk (aka Help Desk)

-Customer Call Center (aka ‘The County Operator’)

-Application Support



This Program provides services to assist the County in its information technology and customer support needs. The service desk serves as a central point for users to access when they have requests or incidents for the Information Services Department while our call center serves as the main switchboard for the County. Desktop services assists in procurement and management of computer hardware and software.

Percent of Tickets Resolved at First Call

Percent of Severity 1 (Critical) Tickets Responded to Within One Hour

*FY 2014-16 Benchmark Bay Area Counties = 61%

*FY 2014-16 Target = 51%

FY 2016-17 Mid-Year Story Behind Performance

Percent of Customer Survey Respondents Rating Service Offered by this Program Good or Better 

Percent of Tickets Resolved at First Call

The objective of this measure is to improve customer service by resolving requests and incidents at first call. First Call Resolution, often referred to as “FCR”, is an industry standard for measuring the performance organization’s Service Desk. In FY1415, ISD implemented a new Service and Incident Management System – ServiceNow, to improve process, workflow and routing tickets with a few services. FY1516 saw an expansion of this system to additional services, including the self-service ticketing options to our customers. These changes combined with the hiring of a new Service Desk Supervisor has resulted in an increased FCR %.

Percent of Severity 1 (Critical) Tickets Responded to Within One Hour

Client Support had two P1 tickets of which one breached the target and one did not, resulting in a 50% score.

Percent of Customer Survey Respondents Rating Service Offered by this Program Good or Better

Targeted efforts to improve customer service combined with survey response choices has resulted in a higher rating. Response choices were updated to match the County's 5 point scale ('Excellent', 'Good', 'Average', 'Below Average', and 'Poor').

*FY 2014-16 Target = 85%

Future Priorities

-Hardware Asset Management – Expand the use of ServiceNow by implementing the hardware asset management module. This data can be used by ISD and our customers to track and manage the lifecycle of IT assets (desktops,laptops, mobile devices, servers, network switches, etc.), along with the relationship between infrastructure assets (e.g., what server is running on what network switch). This will enable ISD to better manage assets from procurement to deployment to retirement through automated workflows and approvals.

-Desktop Management Tools – ISD will be implementing a single tool to manage desktop client devices, replacing the multiple tools currently in use. This tool will simplify the image build, software deployment, and asset configuration process. The information gathered from client devices will be used to help track assets, and this information will be shared with the ServiceNow system. This will help ISD provide accurate asset information along with deploy patches and system upgrades in a timely manner.

-Video Conference Backbone Upgrade/Replacement –With the implementation of Office 365 and Skype for Business, the County workforce have the ability to collaborate via Skype. We will expand upon this technology and work with service-providers to establish conference room solutions that include simplifying the scheduling of conference calls among individuals, as well as conference room connections.

-Internet Email Security – In order to provide better protection against spam, phishing and other email malware for the County, ISD will select and implement a new email security vendor to replace McAfee SaaS email security.

Author: Sean Thakkar

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Date Created: 01-30-2017