ISD: Applicaitons (1860P)

Program Outcome Statement

Promote the effectiveness and efficiency of government by connecting people, process and technology.

Program Services

-Countywide Information Technology Strategic Planning

-Countywide IT Initiation Projects Totaling $26 Million:

Key Initiatives and Projects in FY1617

-Information Technology Strategic Plan & Updates

-IT Standards (New)

-Countywide Data Architecture Project

-Countywide Technology Architecture Project

-Continuity of Operations and Disaster Planning

-GIS - Enterprise Plan


-Enhanced Desktop Management Tools

-Backup Storage Space Expansion and Enhancements


This Program focuses on building stronger connections through innovative solutions, smart technology and open data. By taking advantage of constantly changing technology we aim to meet end user needs.

Annual End User Computing Cost Per Personal Computing Device Decreasing

Number Of Annual Site Views Of The Open Data Portal per Employee Increasing

*FY 2014-16 Target = $655

*FY 2014-15 Benchmark Bay Area Counties = 220

*FY 2015-16 Benchmark Bay Area Counties = 1078

*FY 2014-16 Target = 200

FY 2016-17 Year-End Story Behind Performance

Percent of Customer Survey Respondents Rating Services Offered by the Program Good or Better Decreasing

Annual End User Computing Cost Per Personal Computing Device

Opportunities for future desktop virtualization have been largely exhausted. While a nominal reduction in cost was achieved during the measured period, we do not anticipate any additional savings from the use of this technology. In FY1718, this measure will be replaced.

Number of Annual Site Visits of the Open Data Portal per Employee

Annual site views of the Open Data Portal have held steady for the first half of FY 2016-17. As more users interact with the County's open data through tables, charts, and maps embedded in County and other websites, visits to the Open Data Portal may decrease over time. The County continues to engage the public with its open data and, in cooperation with OpenSMC, the County's Code for America Brigade, launched two projects in October 2016:

Flu clinic finder application that uses flue clinic location data from the Open Data Portal

Birds, Bees, and Beans (3B's), a map-based application that helps residents understand how they can participate in hyper-local agriculture by keeping gardens, bees, and raising chickens within the allowed uses of the residential zoning area in which they live in cities in San Mateo County.

Percent of Customer Survey Respondents Rating Services Offered by the Program Good or Better

Targeted efforts to improve customer service combined with survey response choices has resulted in a higher rating. Response choices were updated to match the County's 5 point rating scale ('Excellent', 'Good', 'Average', 'Below Average', and 'Poor').

*FY 2014-16 Target = 85%

Future Priorities

-Information Technology Strategic Plan & Updates: Develop a 5 year roadmap for the County's IT Services

-Continued Development of the ISD Research and Planning Division: Focus on aligning technology with business needs of the County

-Content & Collaboration: Continue to implement features collaboration, content management, workflow management, enterprise search and business intelligence

-Disaster Plan: In partnership with County departments, build a plan to ensure that the County can perform essential functions under a broad range of circumstances

-GIS Enterprise Plan: Use GIS and GIS-based technologies to improve analysis and provide vital, accurate information to decision makers, aimed at improving internal and public services and products

Author: Michael Copani

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Last Updated: 09-08-2017