County Manager's Office/Clerk of the Board

FY 2015-17 Performance Report

Department Mission Statement

The County Manager/ Clerk of the Board leads San Mateo County's efforts to fulfill the Board of Supervisors' vision of a healthy, safe, livable, prosperous, environmentally conscious and collaborative community as well as striving to increase customer satisfaction while achieving performance goals for County services.

Percent of Customer Survey Respondents Rating Services as Good or Better

Percent of Countywide Outcome, Productivity, and Benchmark Measures Meeting Target

Credit Rating from Moody's and Standard & Poors


Percent of CMO Employees Rating Their Experience Working for the County as Very Good

FY 2015-17 Highlights - Budget

  • Successfully completed second two-year budget cycle
  • Launched 2nd round of Measure A allocations and projects
  • Maintained Triple A issuer credit ratings with Moody's and Standard & Poors
  • Refunded 2008 YSC LRBs with an all-in true interest cost of 2.86%, resulting in gross savings of $22.7 million and present value savings of $18.9 million
  • Refunded 1997 and 2004 Colma Creek Flood Control COPs with an all-in true interest cost of 3.61%, resulting in gross savings of $6.9 million and present value savings of $3.6 million
  • Re-instituted the Fiscal Officer Training Academy by offering the two-day Budget Development Overview course

FY 2015-17 Highlights - Performance

  • Received 1st Certificate of Excellence in Performance Management from International City/County Management Association (ICMA)
  • Established Performance Priority Teams and Handbook
  • Launched first CCPI Cohort and Lean Process Improvement projects
  • Conducted program reviews: Correctional Health/Food Services, Assessor, Private Defender
  • Formed partnership with SF State MPA Program - Student Consultants Pilot

FY 2015-17 Highlights - Initiatives

  • Selected and began countywide conversion to replacement agenda management system
  • Convened 15-member workgroup and developed Living Wage Ordinance for consideration by the Board
  • Convened the Closing the Jobs/Housing Gap Task Force
  • Developed and launched the Home for All initiative
  • North Fair Oaks:
    • Began a joint planning process with Redwood City for redevelopment of Middlefield Junction
    • Established the Neighborhood Response Team to address quality of life issues in North Fair Oaks
    • Abated all graffiti from the North Fair Oaks neighborhoods
    • Purchase of Middlefield Road parking lot
  • Completed 1st full year of programs with Students With Amazing Goals (SWAG), where we saw students who were on the verge of dropping out, graduate
  • Conducted bid/build process to hire a team to design and build the Regional Operations Center (ROC)
  • With Supervisor Horsley, developed MOU to give County the ability to enforce violations at Tunitas Creek Beach
  • Passed an illegal dumping ordinance
  • Successful negotiation of Daly City Dispatch
  • Successful closure of the San Bruno encampment

FY 2017-19 Goals

  • Improve customer service response rates
  • Improve manager/supervisor capacity to manage performance
  • Improve department program performance evaluation and reporting
  • Improve Measure A tracking and reporting
  • Develop 5-year funding strategy for major capital and IT initiatives
  • Replace the County’s 26-year old budget system
  • Expand FOTA training curriculum to include Position Control, Budget Monitoring, and Budget Overview for Managers
  • Conduct additional LEAN projects and improve results reporting on projects
  • Update and improve SMC Saves Process
  • Apply Vulnerability Index in decision-making
  • Develop and train all departments and CMO staff on new processes for agenda development and management
  • Implement and evaluate Living Wage Ordinance (if adopted)
  • Increase number of housing units built countywide
  • Pilot new approaches to community engagement for development projects
  • Complete planning process for Middlefield Junction
  • Develop a multi-department county client housing program
  • Place cameras in North Fair Oaks to address illegal dumping
  • Develop more cost-efficient and effective system for handling new building projects
  • Develop a one-stop building permit system
  • Locate a site for the Pescadero Fire Station
  • Streamline the Code Compliance Unit

FY 2017-19 Challenges

  • Succession planning: knowledge transfer, documentation
  • Program evaluation: time, focus, and discipline needed
  • Competing priorities – daily workload hinders ability to focus on major projects
  • NIMBYism
  • The cost of living in San Mateo County, particularly housing costs

Ongoing Measure A

  • The Big Lift
  • Students With Amazing Goals (SWAG)
  • SamTrans

FY 2016-17 Budget

  • Total Sources: $4,276,964
  • Total Requirements: $12,682,321
  • Net County Cost: $8,405,357
  • Funded FTEs: 25