Administrative Services (3211P)

Program Outcome Statement

Enhance Department operations through executive-level leadership and administrative oversight.

Program Services

  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Human Resources
  • Fiscal Services
  • Contracts and Procureme nt
  • Background Investigatiions and Training
  • Information Technology


Administrative Services provides department-wide direction and administrative support in the areas of human resources, fiscal, contracts and purchasing, and information technology. The primary functions of Administrative Services are to provide staff with the resources necessary to carry out the Department’s mission and ensure that department operations are both efficient and effective.

Percent of Performance Goals Met Remains Steady

Percent of Employee Evaluations Completed Annually Decreased

Percent of Customer Survey Respondents Rating Services as Good or Better Decreasing

FY 2015-16 Year End Story Behind Performance

The Administrative Services Division continues to deliver services throughout the department through fiscal, payroll, and information technology support. The Department's budget has been and will continue to be a challenge for the Department, which relies heavily on the County's general fund and capped State revenues with designated purposes. It is very important to maximize resources in order to maintain the core services, but also meet expanded service needs. Probation leadership has made efforts to control costs and slowly built up reserves.

Percent of Outcome and Efficiency Goals and Benchmarks

The department met 86% of its performance goals at the end of the fiscal year. The department will be evaluating its prorgrams in the coming years to ensure that performance measures are met.

Percent of Employee Performance Evaluations Completed Annually

Performance evaluations continue to be an important priority for the Department. They valuable tools used to assess and communicate job performance. Through the years, the department has increased its completion rate and at this year-end report, the Department continues to exceed is target at 52%.

Cost per Capita

Due to the one time cost of building the Department's new comprehensive case management systtem calle the Probation Information Management System (PIMS), the Department saw an increase in its cost per capita. Since PIMS went live in June 2017, it is anticipated that the cost per capita will once again go down to its target.

Percent of customer survey respondents rating services as good or better

The collection of customer satisfaction surveys has always been very challenging for the Probation Department. In this reporting period, the Department experienced even more challenges collecting survey responses. It is working towards a more efficient and streamlined approach to collecting this information in the future.

Percent of Employees Rating Experience Working for the County as Good or Better meets Target

Cost per Capita Increasing

Future Priorities

  • Continue to monitor Department budget and maximize resources to meet department operational needs
  • Utilize the PIMS to provide more effective data analysis and reports to support the executive management for data-driven decision making
  • Redesign its customer satisfaction survey
  • Conduct timely background investigations to provide a sufficient candidate pool and ensure that sworn staff comply with mandated training requirements

Author: Noelle Vergara, Management Analyst     Contact Email:     Date Created: 08-23-2017