Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder: Elections (1330P)

Program Outcome Statement

Register voters and conduct fair and accurate elections
Program Services
  • Conduct Elections
  • Voter Outreach
  • Vote By Mail
  • Overseas Ballot


The Registration & Elections Division acts as a resource for voting and registration information and promotes civic involvement in the elections process by registering eligible voters and conducting honest and accurate SamCERA, local, state and federal elections.
For FY 2016-17, the Registration & Elections Division successfully conducted the November 2016 Presidential General Election, in which San Mateo County's percentage of registered voters who cast a ballot in the election rose to a historic high. Additionally, a Consolidated Municipal School and Special District Election will take place in November 2017. The voter outreach efforts which helped drive these positive effects will continue. It is anticipated that County voters will cast ballots entirely by mail starting in 2018. As voters increasingly rely on vote-by-mail ballots, it is expected costs relating to the processing and postage of mailed ballots will continue to increase.
Over the next two-year period, the Division will continue to adapt our processes to these shifts in demand, in order to reduce the cost of vote-by-mail balloting.

Percent of Eligible Voters Registered to Vote Exceeded the Target

Percent of Registered Voters Who Voted in the November Election Increased

Cost of Election per Registered Voter Increased

FY 2016-17 Year-End Story Behind Performance

Percent of Eligible Voters Registered to Vote

For FY 2016-17, the percent of eligible voters registered was 78.8% which is slightly above the target of 76.0%. We continue to do voter outreach programs.

Percent of Voters who Voted in the November Election

This is a cyclical measure and can vary dramatically due to the timing of Presidential and Consolidated Elections, candidates, and propositions on the ballot. For FY 2016-17, there were 81.6% of registered voters who voted in the November election. This was slightly higher than the target of 80.0%.

Cost of Election per Registered Voter

For FY 2016-17, we had a Cost of Election per registered voter of $11.79 which was above our target of $9.86, but was close to our FY 2012-13 (Last Presidential General Election) inflation adjusted cost of election per registered voter of $11.32.

Future Priorities

  • Efficiently and transparently conduct the following elections: November 2017 Consolidated Municipal School and Special District Election, June 2018 Gubernatorial Primary Election, and November 2018 Gubernatorial General Election.
  • Comply with the numerous new state election law mandates.
  • Evaluate and implement a new voting system.
Author: Jeff Bokura, Administrative Services Manager     Contact Email:     Date Created: 09-13-2017