Human Services Agency: CalWORKs Employment Services (7320P and 7360P)

Program Outcome Statement

Develop and maintain occupational skills and lifestyle behaviors that enable the transition to self-sufficiency.

Program Services

CalWORKs and Service Connect programs assist in transitioning eligible families into self-sufficiency. Clients receive employment services such as:
  • Occupational and behavioral needs assessment
  • Case management and coordination of benefits
  • Educational, job search and job support services
  • Supportive services to assist with transportation, books for school, work attire and tools, and child care.


The Employment Services Branch provides employment and training services to CalWORKs and Service Connect participants. The clients receive support and case management services from staff to prepare short and long term employment goals. Job readiness is developed through assessments, training and remediation of barriers that may prevent clients from realizing their employment goals. The CalWORKs program provides services to current and former CalWORKs recipients to help lead them to self-sufficiency. The Child Care program enables the working adults in CalWORKs households to participate in employment, training and other educational activities by helping manage child care services. The Service Connect program provides training and support to justice-involved residents re-entering the community. Participants utilize the 550JOBS! pathway to employment by reducing barriers and developing job skills for work readiness to assist in a successful reintegration into the workforce.

Percent of Welfare-to-Work Families Meeting the Federal Work Participation is Below Target

Percent of Clients Placed in Unsubsidized Employment Exceeds Target

Annual Cost Per Client Receiving Mandatory CalWORKs Employment Services is Increasing

FY 2017-18 Year End Story Behind Performance

Percent of Welfare-to-Work Families Meeting Requirements in Federal Work Participation Rate

The Welfare to Work Participation Rate (WPR) is 26% for FY 2017-18 which is below the standard of 50%. The WPR decreased by 7% since FY 2016-17. The Welfare-to-Work clients and/or their children continue to report a significant number of barriers, and the intensive case management caseload increased from 17 cases in FY 2016-17 to 43 in FY 2017-18. During assessment, 95% of families reported a housing barrier, 56% reported legal issues and 51% reported mental health concerns. The WPR continues to decrease as client barriers to employment increases.

Percent of Clients Placed in Unsubsidized Employment

The percent of CalWORKs clients placed in unsubsidized employment is 58% for FY 2017-18. This performance exceeds the current performance target of 40%. The CalWORKs employment services program hosted over 200 hiring events with local employers to assist clients in obtaining unsubsidized employment. The percent of Service Connect clients placed in unsubsidized employment is 40% for FY 2017-18.  This new performance measure has a target of 40% placement of work ready clients in unsubsidized employment. The Service Connect program conducted 31 work preparedness workshops to develop essential job skills. In addition to individual job development services, opportunities for placement were provided through five targeted on-site employer recruitments.

Cost per Client Receiving Mandatory CalWORKs Employment Services

The cost per client for FY 17-18 was $15,602 exceeding the target of $8,000. This was a result of increased funding of $2.1 million that allowed for housing 51 at-risk CalWORKs families.

Future Priorities

  • Increase family stabilization by assisting clients through the Housing Support Program
  • Increase job preparedness opportunities to assist with Welfare to Work participation and Service Connect job placements
  • Implement QA to ensure consistency in policy and practices leading to program improvements

Author: Jennifer Valencia,               Contact Email:                                 Last Updated: 08-27-2018
Director of Employment Services