Public Safety

This dashboard tracks the performance of Measure K initiatives in the Public Safety Category. Scroll through to explore how your Measure K funds are used. This page is dedicated to showing you key services provided and key performance data. 

County Fire Engine Replacement Fund

The engines and support vehicles purchased by San Mateo County Fire with Measure K funds continue to replace outdated models that exceed industry age and mileage standards. In addition to reducing maintenance costs in the long run, these replacements allow firefighters and volunteer crews to effectively and safely serve residents and businesses across 165 square miles from south of Pescadero to San Bruno Mountain and Devil’s Slide Trail and provide mutual aid to other jurisdictions. In FY 2016-17, 6 vehicles were replaced, adding up to a combined total of 621,568 miles replaced. Thus far in FY 2017-18, an additional fire engine (Fire Engine 17) is in service, replacing 231,000 miles. 

Public Safety Communications - Regional Operations Center (ROC)

In October 2015, San Mateo County awarded McCarthy Building Company the design and construction of the ROC on the County Center campus in downtown Redwood City. The last remnants of the former motor pool’s underground fuel storage systems have been removed. Redwood City has issued the Project a “joint trench” permit for the installation of new electrical and communication services, and documents for the street scape portion of the off-site work are now in line for permit review. The ground improvement work needed to remedy the site’s potential liquefaction has been approved by the County Planning and Building Department. On June 30, 2017, a building permit was issued for the entire project. Final demolition and ground improvement began in August. The project is scheduled for completion in March 2019. Once complete, the ROC will serve as a home for the County’s Emergency Operations Center, 9-1-1 public safety dispatchers, a secure data center, and the daily offices of the San Mateo County Office of Emergency Services and Division of Homeland Security of the Sheriff’s Office.

Shared Vision 2025

Shared Vision 2025 reflects the goals and priorities for the San Mateo County community as expressed during a series of public meetings and surveys. 
Our "Shared Vision" is a community that is healthy and safe, livable, prosperous, environmentally conscious and collaborative. The Board of Supervisors invests Measure K funds to further that vision.