Housing and Homelessness

This dashboard tracks the performance of Measure K initiatives in the Housing and Homelessness Category. Scroll through to explore how your Measure K funds are used. This page is dedicated to showing you key services provided and key performance data. 

Affordable Housing Fund

In the first half of FY-18-19, under AHF 6.0 the Department of Housing made capital funding awards to 12 projects summing to 1,193 units of affordable housing.  Of those developments, half (6) were new to the DOH financing pipeline having not received AHF funding in the past.  Those six projects will provide 580 units of affordable housing across the County.  Two of the 12 projects will provide 26 units of homeownership units available to households earning 80% of the Area Median Income, while the remainder will provide affordable rental units for households earning up to 80% of the AMI with most in the 30%-60% AMI range.  AHF 6.0 included over $17 million in Measure K funds, in addition to $1 million in County General Funds and smaller amounts of funding from Housing Authority reserves and federal HOME and CDBG funds.
On the completion side, Rotary Miller Senior Apartments (South San Francisco) just completed construction and is presently in the rent-up process.  We also expect Mercy Housing’s Colma Veterans Village project to finish and begin renting units before the end of this fiscal year.

Housing Preservation 

In FY 2018-19, the County allocated the remaining Affordable Rental Acquisition and Preservation Program (ARAPP) funds, nearly $1 million, to provide financial assistance for the preservation of "naturally occurring" affordable units. Multicultural Institute received funds to purchase a single-family home in North Fair Oaks offered at significantly below market value with the purpose of continuing its operation as a shelter for the organization’s clients. The County’s ARAPP funds will also be used renovate the property which provides six beds for unhoused day laborers. The remaining funds were used to assist Saint Francis Center with the acquisition of a recently rehabilitated, 48-unit apartment building to provide low and very low-income housing for families being displaced from North Fair Oaks and the Peninsula. Both projects are expected to close at the beginning of 2019.
Atherton Court in Redwood City

Housing Locator and Rapid Re-housing

Housing locator and Rapid Re-housing programs are two components of a broad continuum of services that assist people experiencing homelessness with returning to housing as quickly as possible. Abode Services provides Housing Locator and Case Management services for people experiencing homelessness to identify housing options and maintain permanent housing.
  • The population served with Housing Locator services includes those who are unsheltered or residing in an emergency shelter or transitional housing program. At mid-year FY 2018-19, 83% of those clients or households using Abode's program stayed housed for six months, and 76% also stayed housed for one year.
  • The Rapid Re-housing Program receives referrals from the County’s Coordinated Entry System. At mid-year FY 2018-19, 35 households were served with Rapid Re-housing Services. The average number of days from program enrollment to housed (move in) was 30 days.

HIP Homesharing Program

In FY 2017-18, HIP expanded its home sharing program efforts by increasing its marketing campaigns aimed at providing better visibility to the program and attracting more providers. The marketing campaign strategy includes radio announcements, electronic billboard ads, statics highway billboard ads on Hwy 101, and ads like the one featured in the picture below at Hillsdale Mall in San Mateo. In the first two quarters of FY 2018-19, these marketing efforts contributed to 157 new provider contacts, 155 provider interviews, 41 new home sharing matches, and $3,750 in incentives distributions to providers. HIP is in its second year of a two-year contract in the amount of $350,000 for the purpose of continuing the marketing efforts.

Project Sentinel Landlord/Tenant Information & Referral Services

In FY 2018-2019, the County allocated $190,000 in Measure K funds to Project Sentinel for vital landlord and tenant information and referral services (I&R) in an effort to reduce displacement among low income renters. Project Sentinel will provide the following services with the funds provided by Measure K: a staffed phone line dedicated to calls related to I&R services; counseling and conciliation services when a dispute requires these services; workshops and trainings on tenants’ and landlords’ rights and responsibilities; and outreach and educational literature in multiple languages to be distributed to social services agencies, libraries, churches, other locations. The Department of Housing expects to execute a contract with Project Sentinel for the provision of I&R services in Quarter 3 of the fiscal year.

Middlefield Junction Master Plan

Measure K provided funding for the development of the Middlefield Junction Master Plan. The Master Plan provides conceptual renderings of potential mixed-use development on a parcel of land owned by the County. The plan shows development options centered around lower income housing for both rental and homeownership, and incorporates community serving uses on the site.  Those community services include options for childcare services and other community serving uses. 
The County issued a Request For Proposals soliciting development proposals for the site in 2018 and is currently negotiating with a preferred developer. The Board of Supervisors will be presented an Exclusive Negotiation Rights Agreement between the County and the preferred developer for action in early 2019.

Shared Vision 2025

Shared Vision 2025 reflects the goals and priorities for the San Mateo County community as expressed during a series of public meetings and surveys. 
Our "Shared Vision" is a community that is healthy and safe, livable, prosperous, environmentally conscious and collaborative. The Board of Supervisors invests Measure K funds to further that vision.