Parks and Environment

This dashboard tracks the performance of Measure K initiatives in the Parks and Environment Category. Scroll through to explore how your Measure K funds are used. This page is dedicated to showing you key services provided and key performance data.

Parks Capital Projects 

Out of a total of 18 Measure K funded capital projects, 13 are in progress and nine are expected to be completed in FY 2018-19.
The current projects include:
  • Flood Park Baseball Field Renovation 
  • Huddart Richards Road Repairs
  • Memorial Homestead Youth Camp Septic Repairs 
  • Old Guadalupe Trail Renovations
  • Ralston Trail Repaving
  • Wunderlich Carriage House Restroom ADA Improvement
  • Huddart Park Meadow Lawn Renovation
  • Crystal Springs Trail Highway 92 Crossing Plans
  • Green Valley Trail
  • Wunderlich Stable Hay Barn Plans and Construction
  • Flood Park Improvements
  • Memorial Park Paving Tan Oak Loop
  • Pescadero Old Haul Road Repairs
  • Huddart Park Water Lines and Supply Systems
  • Alambique Trail Repairs
  • Sam McDonald Visitor Center Renovation and Interpretative Center
  • Ranger Residences
  • Sanchez Adobe Restoration

Parks Improvement - Other Projects

The Parks Department continues to pursue its goals of preserving the County’s natural and cultural treasures, providing safe and accessible parks, recreation, and learning opportunities to enhance the community’s quality of life through the following projects:
  • Fire Fuel Reduction
  • Multi-Modal Trail Planning
  • GIS Mapping, Map Making, and Analysis
  • Treating Invasive Plants in High Priority Areas
  • Moss Beach Playground
  • Paving and Road Maintenance
  • Ohlone Portola Heritage Trail

  • Hazard Tree Removal and Trimming
  • San Bruno Mountain Day Camp Repair
  • Ravenswood Bay Trail 
  • Restroom Fixture Replacement and Upgrades 
  • Sewer and Water Line Repairs and Upgrades
  • Playground Improvements
  • Wavecrest Trail 

Shared Vision 2025

Shared Vision 2025 reflects the goals and priorities for the San Mateo County community as expressed during a series of public meetings and surveys. 
Our "Shared Vision" is a community that is healthy and safe, livable, prosperous, environmentally conscious and collaborative. The Board of Supervisors invests Measure K funds to further that vision.