This dashboard tracks the performance of Measure K initiatives in the Community Category. Scroll through to explore how your Measure K funds are used. This page is dedicated to showing you key services provided and key performance data. 

SamTrans - Youth, Elderly, & Disabled

Redi-Wheels provides accessible, pre-scheduled, origin-to-destination transportation to people who are unable to use SamTrans bus services due to their disabilities or disabling health conditions. Throughout FY 2016-17, Redi-Wheels had a total ridership of 327,257, with an average of 2,321 individuals using the service per month. There were zero trip denials, and average on-time performance was at 92%. Redi-Wheels serves the Bayside of San Mateo County, from Daly City all the way down to Portola Valley. For more information, visit

Technology and Infrastructure

The Information Services Department (ISD) Wireless team implemented 12 Public Wi-Fi sites throughout the greater San Mateo County region during FY 2016-17, in an aim to close the digital divide by creating wireless Internet connectivity for those with limited or no access. The addition of this infrastructure provides all residents with equal access to online knowledge and resources. Sites were chosen based on: a) technical feasibility, b) prioritizing unserved or underserved communities, c) spurring local economic development, and d) providing greater access to County services. Thus far in FY 2017-18, all candidate sites have been vetted and it was determined that seven new sites will be added this year in addition to upgrading six existing sites that were previously inactive. A Wi-Fi vendor will start work in March, and all sites are on target to be completed this fiscal year. 

Since the program’s inception three years ago, a total of 36 Public Wi-Fi sites have been installed. The sites added in FY 2016-17 included:

  • El Concilio Latino Support Center: 1419 Burlingame Ave, Burlingame
  • CFFC First 5: 1700 S El Camino Real, Suite 405, San Mateo
  • Probation/DA/Revenue Service: 1024 Mission Rd, South San Francisco
  • Portola Community Center Line: 1765 Portola Rd, Portola Valley
  • Memorial Park Ranger Station: 9500 Pescadero Creek Rd, Loma Mar
  • San Pedro Valley Park Visitor Center: 600 Oddstad Blvd, Pacifca
  • HSA Fair Oaks School: 2950 Fair Oaks Ave., Redwood City
  • WIC East Palo Alto: 2160 Euclid Ave., East Palo Alto
  • HSA Kennedy Family Center: 2521 Goodwin Ave., Redwood City
  • War Memorial Community Center: 6655 Mission Street, Daly City
  • Doelger Senior Center: 101 Lake Merced Blvd, Daly City
  • Pacelli Event Center: 145 Lake Merced Blvd, Daly City

Building and Facilities Infrastructure

The Department of Public Works anticipates that the following projects will be completed in FY 2018-19:
  • Respite Center - Serenity House Remodel (San Mateo)
  • Relocate Motorpool to Grant Yard (Redwood City)
  • Priority 1 Water Tank Seismic Retrofit ( County Service Area #7)
  • Maple Street Shelter Renovation (Redwood City)

Please note that some of the capital infrastructure spending that is occurring on new construction is categorized under different Measure K Categories.

Shared Vision 2025

Shared Vision 2025 reflects the goals and priorities for the San Mateo County community as expressed during a series of public meetings and surveys. 
Our "Shared Vision" is a community that is healthy and safe, livable, prosperous, environmentally conscious and collaborative. The Board of Supervisors invests Measure K funds to further that vision.