Human Services Agency: Collaborative Community Outcomes (7520P)

Program Outcome Statement

Provide community-wide collaboration, prevention and early intervention services.
Program Services
  • Veterans Services
  • Children’s Fund
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
  • Day Worker Program


Collaborative Community Outcomes offers a wide array of supportive services to residents in need. The programs offered are provided by a combination of Human Services Agency staff, community based organizations and contracted service providers. The services are often prevention and early intervention in nature, with the objective of providing supportive services to specific populations.
The Day Worker Program in the North Fair Oaks provides outreach to job seekers and employers, which significantly improves community relations by linking day laborers to employment and social services.
The Children’s Fund program provides school supplies, holiday gifts, orthodontia care, etc. to foster and low-income children and families.
The Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) program helps prepare youth and young adults for careers in the science and engineering professions.
Veteran Services connects local veterans and families to VA benefits and programs, serving in the role of advocate and case manager.

Percent Increase in Proficiency in Language Arts and Math Show Mixed Performance

Average Value of Veterans benefits Per Claim Processed Surpasses Target

Annual Cost Per Veteran Served Meets Target

FY 2017-18 Year End Story Behind Performance

Percent Increase in Proficiency in Language Arts and Math

The County’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) program administers contracts to increase student’s proficiency in English Language Arts, English Language Development, and Mathematics. These contracts serve children who are enrolled in Academic Centers within elementary and middle schools county-wide. The 2017-18 English proficiency target of 70% was exceeded this year, with actuals at 80%.  The 2017-18 math target of 74% was not met this year, with actuals at 67%.  This may be due to several factors.  Common Core math integrates English language into math problems, so that reading and English comprehension, in addition to math computation knowledge, are necessary to solve word math problems.

Average Value of Veterans Benefits per Claim Processed

The average value of Veterans Benefits per claim at year-end for approximately 900 total awards has resulted in an average value of $10,585 per award, exceeding the target of $7,000 per claim.  In FY17-18, the County Veteran Services Office assisted in completing claims resulting in an annualized award of $7,264,000.  In May 2018, the Human Services Agency, along with the Veterans Commission and Supervisor Warren Slocum, hosted a Veterans Summit focused on women’s issues, in order to provide information on service needs and programs that are gender specific.  The event which was attended by over 150 individuals also served as an outreach effort to increase awareness of County services to support veterans in San Mateo County.

Cost per Veteran Served

 The cost per veteran served at year end is $474, which falls under the target of $542. While the number of clients served has decreased since the previous year, operational costs were lower than expected in FY17-18, keeping the cost per client under the target. The program continues to explore and implement new outreach strategies to ensure veterans are aware of the services available.

Future Priorities

  • Continued outreach activities to under-served regions of the county
  • Increased outreach with a focus on suicide prevention for Veterans
  • Maintain functional zero homelessness for Veterans

Authors: Selina Toy Lee,                                 Contact Email:                        Last Updated: 08-27-2018
Director of Collaborative Community Outcomes