Health System: Conservatorship Program (5700P)

Program Outcome Statement

Ensure physical / financial well-being of conservatees and estates.

Program Services

Public Guardian: Financial, Housing and/or Medical Decision Making for Conservatees


The Public Guardian (PG) program has decision-making authority to ensure the physical and financial well-being of approximately 700 residents who have been "conserved," i.e., deemed unable to care for themselves by the Superior Court due to mental illness, dementia, or chronic disease. In accordance with specific court orders, the PG makes financial, housing, and/or medical decisions for conservatees. The PG program is administered under the jurisdiction of the Superior Court and in partnership with Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, County Counsel, the Private Defender, the Court Investigator's Office, the Ombudsman Program, Golden Gate Regional Center, and family members. As Conservator, the PG has a legal responsibility to protect its vulnerable residents who require conservatorship and who do not have anyone appropriate to help them.

Percent of Cases with an Initial Inventory of Assets filed with the Court within 90 Days of Appointment Below Target

Annual County Cost per Conserved Client Exceeding Target

Percent of Conserved Clients who Receive at least One Face-to-Face Visit Every 90 Days per the Probate Local Rules Below Target

FY 2017-18 Year-End Story Behind Performance

Percent of Cases with an Initial Inventory of Assets Filed with the Court within 90 Days of Appointment

The PG program did not meet the target for this performance measure in fiscal year 2017-18. High caseloads particularly in LPS conservatorship has negatively impacted our ability to timely file initial inventory assets within 90 days of appointment. We will evaluate staffing and caseload for next fiscal year and will continue to work on improving our performance.

Annual County Cost per Conserved Client

The annual county cost per conserved client is less than the target. The restructuring of the administrative and financial services unit has reallocated cost among Aging and Adult Services programs and has resulted in a less county cost requirement to support the conservatorship program. The target for fiscal year 2018-19 has been revised accordingly.

Percent of Conserved Clients who Receive at least One Face-to-Face Visit every 90 Days

The percent of conserved clients who receive at least one face-to-face visit every 90 days was 93 percent in fiscal year 2017-18. It has been challenging for our case workers who are increasingly having more clients residing out of county, which makes it more challenging to have frequent visits. We will continue monitoring this performance measure for the next fiscal year.

Future Priorities

  • Maintain timely visits with conservatees.
  • Maintain accurate public benefit accounting of conservatees' estates.

Author: Gina Wilson, Chief Financial Officer, Health System     Contact Email:     Last Updated: 08-09-2019