Controller's Office: Information Systems (1432P)

Program Outcome Statement

Administer and improve the County's financial accounting system and ancillary systems

Program Services

  • Implement new system functions to streamline business processes
  • Provide user support and training to system users
  • Maintain the County's financial accounting system and its internal controls


The Division completed a major upgrade to the County's financial system. All system hardware was replaced, and switched from Unix-Oracle to Windows-SQL platform. This upgrade allows the County to receive software support and provide the ability to implement future enhancements to the application, including improved reporting and workflow capabilities.

Provide Training to Financial System Users

Customer Survey Respondents Rating Services as Good or Better

Maintain Availability of Financial System Compared to Industry Benchmark

FY 2017-18 Story Behind Performance

Provide Training to Financial System Users

In FY 2017-18, the Controller's Information System Division provided training to 205 users, exceeding the target of 120 users by 70.83%. To ensure that OFAS users are properly trained, the Division ensures: 1) All new users are provided with training; 2) Users who submitted tickets to the help desk are scheduled and given training; and 3) A monthly schedule of classes is emailed to all OFAS users.

Percent of Customer Survey Respondents Rating Services Good or Better

The CIS Division utilizes HelpSpot, a cloud-based help desk ticketing system, to process user requests for assistance in a collaborative manner. HelpSpot allows CIS staff to monitor, resolve, and respond to user tickets from any web-enabled device ensuring that users receive timely responses. Our performance measure results demonstrate our commitment to providing quality customer service.

The CIS Division implemented a new Help Desk support email, This change puts the support email in the same domain as the County, which improved the efficiency of the HelpSpot by reducing the delay for polling the emails into HelpSpot system. Most importantly, it greatly reduced the impact and risk of business continuity when the email system is down so majority of the users could still get support while ISD restores the email system.

Maintain Availability of Financial System Compared to Industry Benchmark

The availability of the County's financial system exceeded its target of 99.6% due to the following factors: monitoring scripts to be more proactive in resolving problems or preventing potential risks;  before they occurred and affected users; a new communication tool, Slack, to improve communication among team members; a new monitoring tool, LogicMonitor, to monitor the health of the system; and centralized knowledge database to enhance troubleshooting capabilities.

Future Priorities

In FY 2018-19, the Division will continue to update and improve the County’s financial system, which includes upgrading the system, implementing new financial reporting tools to improve financial monitoring and decision making, and assisting with the migration to the most updated new data center (Tier 4). This project will stabilize the system further as well as improve the overall performance. 

Author: Eduardo Castillo     Contact Email:     Date Updated: 08-27-2018