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Program Outcome Statement

Increase the productivity and efficiency of County employees through the delivery of reliable and easy to use software applications.
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Program Services

  • Content & Collaboration - Internet/Intranet/SharePoint
  • County Governance Support
  • Criminal Justice Systems Support
  • Database Architecture & Support
  • Department Applications Support
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Open Data
  • Office 365 & E-mail Support
  • HR and Payroll Systems Support (Workday)


At the start of fiscal year 2017-18, the Innovation Program was changed to the Applications Program, due to an organizational restructure, which supports the business processes and automation services of the County of San Mateo through the maintenance and development of enterprise and departmental applications. The Program further provides additional support services such as business and technical analytics, and application project support. By leveraging existing and emerging technologies, the Program strives to automate business processes, improve productivity, and meet end user needs. Through collaboration with departments' leadership and business owners, the Applications Program has been modernizing the County's applications and enterprise business systems; Workday for payroll and personnel support, and Microsoft Office 365 (O365), a comprehensive suite of productivity applications and communication tools which are cloud based solutions. This Program also provides support for the Criminal Justice Integration (CJI) system for data sharing among the County's criminal justice departments and the Superior Court. Three new measures have been created for this Program to monitor the Department's performance on providing reliable access to four key applications as well customer satisfaction and this Program's ability to respond to urgent incidents that arise.  

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Availability of Key Applications (i.e., Workday, CJI System, SharePoint, and O365) 

Median Number of Minutes to Respond to High Priority Incidents

Percent of Customer Survey Respondents Rating Services for Key Applications (i.e., Workday, CJI System, SharePoint, and O365) as Good or Better

FY 2017-18 Mid-Year Story Behind Performance

Availability of Key Applications (i.e., Workday, CJI System, SharePoint, and O365)

The Applications Program strives to minimize downtime to avoid adverse impact to worker productivity and costs to taxpayers.  Leveraging industry standard monitoring programs ensures the highest level of availability for our key applications (Workday, SharePoint, Office 365, and the CJI system). This new measure allows for improved monitoring, increased availability, and longer up-time of these key applications, as well as improved overall accountability, better support of our business processes, and end user satisfaction.  With a score of 99.98 percent, the Program is exceeding the target of 99.5 percent.

Median Number of Minutes to Respond to High Priority Incidents

With a mid-year median of seven minutes, the Program is meeting the target of 60 minutes or less. This measure demonstrates that the Program is committed to monitoring systems and responding appropriately to address urgent incidents which will in turn minimize downtime for customers.  By reviewing each high priority incident monthly, this measure has provided insight on ways to better track our performance as well as ways to proactively plan for responses to future high priority incidents.

Percent of Customer Survey Respondents Rating Services for Key Applications (i.e., Workday, SharePoint, O365 and the CJI system) as Good or Better

The Applications Program is tasked with smoothing the transition for County staff by helping them learn valuable skills as well as how to  leverage those skills and tools to improve their end user experience, and streamline workflows to create efficiencies. This measure has provided us insight on customer satisfaction, helping us identify areas where changes need to be made to provide better service for key applications.

Future Priorities

  • Content & Collaboration: Continue to implement features such as collaboration, content management, workflow management, enterprise search and business intelligence; plan for a refresh of the website and content management platform.
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Complete plan for Enterprise GIS architecture design which supports the needs and goals of the various County Departments, Information Technology management, and the County's strategic vision and business processes.
  • Hardware and Software Asset Management: Fully implement the hardware asset management module in ServiceNow and expand asset management to include software. This data can be used by the County to track and manage the life cycle of information technology assets (desktops, laptops, mobile devices, servers, network switches, and beyond).
  • Criminal Justice Integration (CJI) System Upgrade: To improve availability, the Criminal Justice Integration team will perform a middleware platform upgrade, which will increase the stability of the system and greatly reduce recovery time in the event of hardware failure or outage.
  • Open Data: Enhance statistical analysis, data visualization, and mapping throughout the County by taking advantage of new tools that make open data more accessible to non-technical users.

Author: Mike Copani     Contact Email:      Last Updated: 01-29-2018