County Manager:
Real Property Services (1220B)

Program Outcome Statement

To provide comprehensive and competitive government real estate services to County departments

Program Services

  • Lease negotiation and management
  • Buying and selling of real property
  • Concession, permit, land, and facility use agreements
  • Research and record keeping


Real Property Services efficiently and effectively negotiates leases as both the landlord or tenant, researches real estate market trends, disposes of surplus real property, and purchases property on behalf the County. The unit also collaborates with County, local, regional, and state agencies to identify cost effective and well-considered strategies for housing County departments including the Health System, Human Services Agency, Department of Housing, Information Services Department, Department of Public Works, and Parks Department. Additionally, Real Property Services negotiates concession and permit agreements for use of County-owned property and County-managed airports and facilitates right of way transactions.

Monthly Rents Per Square Foot (Rates Negotiated By Real Property) Remain Well Below Target

Percent of Customer Survey Respondents Rating Services as Good or Better Meets Target

FY 2018-19 Mid-Year Story Behind Performance

The rates negotiated by Real Property Services are holding steady at $2.94 for FY 2018-19. Despite the increase from the prior year, the monthly rents per square foot met the target set by the division. The Real Property Services agents were able to analyze market trends and negotiate cost-effective leases despite high demands for office space in a highly competitive market. The cost savings contribute to lower Net County Cost and the ability for departments to redistribute funds toward services.

Real Property Services' survey responses rating of good or better continues to meet the target set for the year. Real Property Services expects to meet the target of 90 percent.

Future Priorities

  • Continue to evaluate and update its internal systems in order to create quicker turnaround times, to prevent errors and loss, and to provide services more efficiently.
  • Real Property is currently in the process of implementing a new cloud database system.

Author: Jeff Weaver     Contact Email:     Last Update: 1-25-2019