County Parks:               Acquisition and Development (3970B)

Program Outcome Statement

Ensure that grants or other external funding are sought and obtained for projects and acquisitions

Program Services

  • Acquisition of land for the County park system
  • Restoration and development of County park facilities
  • Capital projects


In FY 2017-18, Parks had 25 total capital projects, all of which were multi-year projects scheduled to be completed in the next several fiscal years. Although none of the capital projects were completed during FY 2017-18, nine are expected to be completed in FY 2018-19. The Department added a Capital Projects Manager to assist with the speedy delivery of the Department's capital program.   

Grants Received per Dollar Spent Exceeds Target

Percent of Capital Projects Completed on Time and within Budget Not Meeting Target

New Park Acres Acquired Met Target

FY 2017-18 Year-End Story Behind Performance

Grant Dollars Awarded per One Dollar Invested

Parks submitted two grant applications for a total amount of $1,750,000. Parks applied for $1,000,000 through the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority for the Coyote Point Eastern Promenade project. Parks also applied for, and received, a $750,000 grant with the San Mateo County Transportation Authority for the Complete the Gap Trail project. Total costs for Parks to fund the positions responsible for the grant applications awarded was $70,448 which includes salary and benefits. The grant amount received to the dollar spent ratio is $11, which meets the target ratio of $10.

Percent of Capital Projects Completed on Time and on Budget

Parks had 25 capital projects, all of which were multi-year projects scheduled to be completed over the next several fiscal years. The 25 capital projects included repairs, renovations, plans, paving, improvements, and construction of trails, restrooms, picnic areas, park facilities, roads, septic and water systems, and interpretative centers.

New Park Acres 

In FY 2017-18, in collaboration with Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) and with the approval of the Board of Supervisors, Tunitas Creek Beach was added to the list of publicly accessible beaches for San Mateo County residents and the surrounding community. Tunitas Creek Beach is a 57.5 acre beachfront property serving as a protected natural habitat for native species and provides public recreation along with opportunities to participate with the environmental restoration.

Moving forward, Parks will continue to evaluate new land acquisition opportunities that serve the best interest of the community while prioritizing the maintenance of existing properties.   

Future Priorities

Park Facilities
  • Complete installation of all work in the 100th Anniversary master plan for Memorial Park
  • Improve visitor center at Sam McDonald Park including exhibits, ADA compliance and restroom repairs
  • Build out all infrastructure and visitor amenities in initial operating plan for Tunitas Creek Beach

Author: Peggy Jensen, Interim Parks Director   Contact Email:   Last Updated: 08/08/2018