County Parks:              Department (3900D)


Through stewardship, San Mateo County Parks preserves our County's natural and cultural treasures, and provides safe, accessible parks, recreation, and learning opportunities to enhance the community's quality of life.

Department Headline Measures

Number of Annual Parks Visits Exceeding Target

Number of Annual Volunteer Hours Provided Exceeding Target

Budget Summary

FY 2017-18 Adopted Budget

  • Total Sources: $28,983,986
  • Total Requirements: $41,417,406
  • Net County Cost: $12,433,420
  • Positions: 71

FY 2018-19 Adopted Budget

  • Total Sources: $33,156,196
  • Total Requirements: $46,723,915
  • Net County Cost: $13,567,719
  • Positions: 75

Program Results

Grants Received per Dollar Spent Exceeding Target

Percent of Capital Projects Completed on Time and within Budget Meeting Target

Marina Operating Cost to Revenue Ratio 

*Marina operating costs to revenue remains favorable to the County's benefit. Revenues continue to exceed the cost of operations.

Percent of Berths Filled Exceeding Target

Administrative Measures

Percent of Performance Goals Met Exceeding Target

Percent of Customer Survey Respondents Rating Services Good or Better Exceeding Target

Cost per Capita Ratio

*Costs per capita for residents of San Mateo County remains consistent and continues to remain stable.

Percent of Employees Rating Experience Working for the County as Very Good Below Target

Percent of Employee Evaluations Completed Annually

Percent of Employees Meeting the 20 Hour Annual Training Requirement Below Target

FY 2017-18 Highlights

Visitor Experience
  • Incorporated visitor surveys into reservation system to collect visitor satisfaction data from a broader set of park user
  • Interpretive Program doubled the amount of events and participants 
Natural Resource Stewardship
  • Through new signage, educated visitors to Fitzgerald Marine Reserve about location sensitivity and least impactful way to visit and appreciate natural reserve
  • Completed first systematic monitoring of the endangered marbled murrelet bird  population within Pescadero Creek and Memorial Parks
  • Continued Stewardship Corps volunteer program engaged over 130 volunteers in six different parks for over 400 volunteer hours of service
  • Natural resource staff coordinated over 551 acres of restoration work within the county parks system
  • Streamlined and improved Habitat Conservation Plan permitting for San Bruno Mountain
Park Facilities
  • Installed ADA restroom and other improvements to the Wunderlich Park picnic area
  • Initiated planning, engineering, and permitting for the Wastewater Treatment Plant Replacement Project at Memorial Park

FY 2018-21 Priorities

Visitor Experience
  • Change the County Ordinance to allow dog access in several County parks
  • Pilot expanding dog access in selected county parks and evaluate the results
  • Add volunteer coordinator to Visitor Services staff
  • Expand the successful Take a Hike events and add more interpretive programs
  • Translate park brochures into Spanish and Chinese
  • Demonstrate department's priority of diversity, equity, and inclusion in print and digital communications
  • Install parking pass machines in all park parking lots with entry fees
  • Classroom presentation and field trips with Title 1 schools
Natural Resource Stewardship
  • Continue ongoing fuel reduction and tree maintenance work in all parks
  • Continue partnerships with Friends groups and others to increase volunteer hours for natural resource management and other park work
  • Replant native vegetation at Pigeon Point and oversee SFPUC vegetation planting at Junipero Serra Park
  • Leverage County’s Enterprise GIS system to support all natural resource data including vegetation management, fuel reduction, and maintenance projects to improve efficiencies, ensure timely re-treatment, and facilitate better reporting
Park Facilities
  • Develop an ongoing and major maintenance tracking system for park facilities
  • Develop a more accurate performance measure to capture capital and maintenance project progress and accomplishments
  • Streamline permitting processes for parks Projects
  • Specific projects
    • Install a new, ADA compliant play structure at Moss Beach Park
    • Replace failing creek crossings on Old Haul Road in Pescadero Creek Park
    • Open the new Sanchez Adobe Visitor Center
    • Initiate planning and design for initial site improvements for Tunitas Creek Beach
    • Complete the planning and implement Phase 1 of the Complete the Gap Project for the Crystal Springs Trail
    • Select a contractor for the redesign of Flood Park and initiate the community engagement process
    • Build/install 5 small ranger homes
    • Install fitness zone at Coyote Point Bay Trail
    • Install bike repair station at Coyote Point along the Bay Trail
    • Continue wildland fire management best practices for fire trails and fuel breaks including creating new fire trails at San Pedro Valley and Quarry Park
    • Improve potable water infrastructure at Huddart Park and Coyote Point

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 Author: Peggy Jensen, Interim Parks Director     Contact Email:     Last Updated: 01/25/2019