Capital Projects

FY 2015-17 Performance Report

Program Outcome Statement

The Capital Program plans, designs, constructs, upgrades and in general improves facilities and infrastructure to operate efficiently and safely.

Percent of Projects on Target to be Completed within Budget/Schedule

Percent of New Single Year Projects Not Started in the Same Year Funded and Not Completed within 2 Years

Capital Project Expenditures

FY 2015-17 Highlights

  • Advanced Skylonda Fire Station Project 
  • Middlefield Recycling Center Demolition 
  • Public Dispatch and Emergency Operations Center 
  • Complete Master Plans 
  • Finalize Site Selection for Pescadero Fire Station 
  • Design Phase: County Center Parking Garage and Animal Shelter

FY 2017-19 Goals

Complete Construction of:
  • Public Dispatch and Emergency Operations Center
  • Skylonda Fire Station 
  • County Center Parking Garage 
  • Animal Shelter 
  • Maple Street Homeless Shelter 

FY 2017-19 Challenges

  • Scope Control on Major Capital Projects
  • Impacts of Bay Area Construction Climate 
  • Regulatory Permitting Approvals 

Ongoing Measure A

  • Respite Center-Hacienda House Remodel 
  • Public Dispatch and Emergency Operations Center 
  • Relocate Motorpool to Grant Yard
  • Sheriff's Relocation of Sleep Quarters 
  • Fair Oaks Library & HSA Remodel 
  • Pescadero Fire Station
  • Sustainability Projects
  • Maple Street Shelter Renovation 
  • CSA 7 Infrastructure 
  • North Fair Oaks Flooding Study  
  • Parks Capital Projects 

New Measure A

  • CSA 11 Pescadero Aquifer Study
  • CSA 11 Pescadero Alternate Water Source Study

FY 2016-17 Budget

Total Requirements: $ 186,308,709
Total Sources: $ 186,308,709