Department of
Child Support Services (2600B)


The Department of Child Support Services serves the public by enhancing the quality of life for children and their families by helping parents meet the financial, medical and emotional needs of their children by establishing and enforcing child support orders in an effective, efficient and professional manner.

Department Headline Measures

Percent of Child Support Collected Exceeding Target

Budget Summary

FY 2017-18

  • Total Sources: $12,027,501
  • Total Requirements: $12,027,501
  • Net County Cost: $0
  • Funded FTEs: 78

FY 2018-19

  • Total Sources: $11,902,709
  • Total Requirements: $11,902,709
  • Net County Cost: $0
  • Funded FTEs: 76

Program Results

Percent of Cases with an Arrears Collection Exceeding Target

Administrative Measures

Percent of Performance Goals Met Exceeding Target

Percent of Customer Survey Respondents Rating Services as Good or Better Meeting Target

Cost Per Capita with Bay Area Benchmark Meeting Target

Percent of Employees Rating Experience Working for the County as Good or Better Meeting Target

Percent of Employee Evaluations Completed Annually Meeting Target

FY 2015-17 Highlights

  • Broadened customer service efforts to ensure quality interactions with caseworkers and meet the needs of customers based on how they wish to be served including email contact and in person appointments.  
  • Enhanced child support payment options with the implementation of cash kiosks in various locations throughout the state.
  • Resolved ninety percent (90%) of customer inquiries without requiring caseworker intervention. 

FY 2017-19 Priorities

  • Enhance training across the organization to ensure staff remain highly skilled and aligned with program initiatives.
  • Expand outreach efforts, targeting the coast side and northern part of the county to connect with and educate more customers on various services.
  • Improve service options to parents in order to expedite/reduce time frames and get payments to families.
  • Reinforce efforts to locate absent parents through proactive case management efforts to ensure financial needs are met by both parents.
  • Secure appropriate funding for the child support program in order to serve children and families, promote self sufficiency and reduce poverty thresholds in the long term. 

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Author: Kim Cagno, Director     Contact Email:     Date Updated: 12-27-2018