Department of Housing:
Housing & Community Development (7920P)

Program Outcome Statement

Provides financial assistance to create and preserve housing for low-income residents, public facilities, and related services

Program Services

  • Loans to nonprofit partner organizations to develop or rehabilitate affordable housing and supportive housing
  • Loans to nonprofits and cities to build or rehabilitate public facilities
  • Grants to nonprofits that provide home repair services, housing related safety-net services, and micro-enterprise job creation
  • Loans to homeowners for major home rehabilitation and for down-payment assistance
  • Technical assistance to facilitate countywide collaboration to increase the supply of workforce and affordable housing


Housing and Community Development (HCD) administers the following community development funding programs by utilizing local and federal grant monies to finance housing and community projects with government, nonprofit, and private organizations:
·         HOME (Federal HOME Investment Partnerships)
·         CDBG (Federal Community Development Block Grant)
·         ESG (Federal Emergency Solutions Grant)
·         AHF (Local Affordable Housing Fund) 
·         Measure K (Local Half-Cent Tax Revenue)
HCD provides affordable housing opportunities for low income persons, including: development of new rental and homeownership units, rehabilitation of the existing affordable housing stock, temporary shelter and transitional housing programs, and services to help keep people in their homes or help them quickly get back into housing from which they had been displaced. In fiscal year 2017-18, 19,270 persons or households were assisted to attain, or to remain in, decent, safe and affordable housing. This includes over 16,300 credited to the completion of the overhaul of the Gloria Well, back-up to the Hetch Hetchy water supply for the City of East Palo Alto.

Leveraged Ratio of Affordable Housing Investment for Each Dollar of Local Funding Invested

Number of Households Benefiting Directly from County-Administered Loans and Grants for Home Purchase, Repair, or Rehabilitation

Story Behind Performance

HCD provides financial assistance to create and preserve housing for low-income residents, public facilities and related services. In order to maximize timely utilization of available Community Development Block Grant funds on community-serving programs and projects, HCD maintains unspent funds below the 50% maximum of prior year’s entitlement grants permitted by HUD’s expenditure deadlines.
So far in FY 2018-19, excellent progress was made toward meeting and exceeding the target number of county funded housing units developed and occupied. There are two affordable housing projects currently under development, Colma Veterans Apartments, expected to be completed in May, and Bay Meadows family apartments in San Mateo with a combined 134 new housing units. The Rotary Miller Senior Apartments in South San Francisco was recently completed, and their 91 units are currently being leased up. One project was completed early in the 2017-2018 fiscal year, Serenity Sr. Apartment (formally known as University Ave. Sr. Housing) with 41 new units. In FY 2016-17, five projects were completed providing 240 new housing units, including: Alma Point (Foster City), Sweeney Lane (Daly City), St. Leo’s (North Fair Oaks), Sequoia Belle Haven (Menlo Park), and Family Crossroads (rehab, Daly City).
HCD lends money on a long-term basis for affordable housing development. Due to the scarcity of funding, HCD looks to create the maximum number of units possible for every local (county) dollar invested. Twenty new units per $1 million invested creates housing for a maximum of $50,000 per unit of local investment.
HCD continues to support housing improvements for both ownership and rental units that incorporate universal housing design principles benefitting disabled persons, and minor home repair programs that provide retrofits to enhance accessibility.
HCD continues to work with Supervisor Horsley’s staff in the implementation of an Agricultural Workforce Housing Program funded with Measure K.  The program identifies opportunities to rehabilitate or create housing for agricultural workers. The program included a needs assessment and best practices review (completed in the last couple of years), along with housing development and rehabilitation activities. A total of six units were completed in FY 2017-18.
HCD continues to provide technical assistance to countywide housing initiatives:
·         HOPE, the County’s 10-year plan to end homelessness
·         HEART, the Housing Endowment and Regional Trust
·         21 Elements, the collaborative framework for preparing the Housing Elements of all local general plans
·         Grand Boulevard, the collaborative developing best practices for an improved El Camino Real
·         Housing Leadership Council, the local non-profit dedicated to advocacy for creation of additional housing opportunities
HCD has funded additional activities from Measure K and the CDBG Rehabilitation Revolving Loan Fund for FY 2017-18, including the Housing Information and Referral Program through Project Sentinel, HIP Housing’s Homesharing Program, and funding for assistance to homeowners wishing to bring accessory dwelling units up to County code. This funding has continued into FY 2018-19.

Percent of Community Development Block Grant Funds Expended within Federal Timelines

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