Health System: Environmental Health Services (5900P)

Program Outcome Statement

Protect the public’s health by preventing food and waterborne illnesses.

Program Services

  • Environmental Health Oversight and Protection
  • Food and Waterborne Illness Protection
  • Regulation of Food, Water, Housing and Hazardous Materials
  • Pollution Prevention


Environmental Health Services (EHS) protects the public’s health by ensuring that food, water and housing are safe and healthy through permitting, inspection, outreach and education.

Percent of Total Days that Beaches were Open for Use Continues to Exceed Benchmark

Percent of Suspected Food-Borne Illness Complaints Responded to within One Business Day Meeting Target

Cost per Response to Complaint Involving Hazardous Materials Meeting Target

FY 2017-18 Mid-Year Story Behind Performance

Percent of Total Days that Beaches were Open for Use

EHS continues to sample recreational beach areas to ensure waters used for recreational purposes are clean.

Percent of Suspected Food-Borne Illness Complaints Responded To within One Business Day

EHS Food Program staff continue to respond to suspected food-borne illness cases as a priority. At mid-year, EHS was meeting the target of 95 percent.

Cost per Response to Complaint Involving Hazardous Materials

The cost per response has had a slight increase due to an increase in our hourly rate from $184 per hour to  $198 per hour effective August 1, 2017, which reflects EHS operational cost increases.

Future Priorities

  • Implement the Safe Medicine Takeback Ordinance approved April 28, 2015, which requires any producer of a prescription or non-prescription drug offered for sale in San Mateo County to participate in an approved drug stewardship program for its collection and disposal.
  • Enhance outreach and education efforts for Measure K funded Augmented Housing Inspection Program Pilot. Begin third year of annual inspections for apartment buildings that are included in the inspection inventory of this Pilot.
  • Continue supporting the County on Groundwater Assessment. This assessment is an important first step in evaluating groundwater as a shared resource. The purpose of the assessment is to gather technical baseline information and describe management options and activities to achieve sustainability. Policy makers will review the information and options to determine if and how they want to manage this shared resource.
  • Continue to improve processes in mobile technology to enable better communications, increase information/resources while in the field and increase accurate and timely data collection.

Author: Gina Wilson, Chief Financial Officer     Contact Email:     Last Updated: 02-05-2018