Health Administration (5500P)

Outcome Statement

Provide leadership and management for a successful County Health.

Program Services

-Strategic Direction and Management
-Fiscal Oversight
-Administrative Oversight
-LEAP Process Improvement
-Continuing Medical Education


Administration provides strategic and tactical direction for County Health to achieve its mission to help San Mateo County’s residents live longer and better lives.
Health Administration monitors the changing landscape of health care reform and other federal and state policy with key partners in order to be prepared for future risks and opportunities that may impact the systems of care for publicly uninsured San Mateo County residents.
Health Administration continues to support the expansion of the LEAP (Learn, Engage, Aspire, Perfect, formerly known as LEAN) process improvement method from San Mateo Medical Center, where we have had good success, to other parts of Health. LEAP uses methodologies proven in many other industries to increase quality and quantity of services while keeping costs down. This methodology involves employees, including line staff, supervisors and managers of a particular process, and asks them to identify solutions to vexing problems using a very structured method of inquiry and trial of solutions. By involving our employees in fixing problems that plague them in their daily work, we are improving the patient/client/customer experience while also improving employee engagement. In fiscal year 2018-19, we will expand our process improvement method to include an assessment of the return on improvements.
Health Administration is partnering with the Project Development Unit and the Department of Public Works on planning and executing major capital projects to support the work of County Health including: master planning for the San Mateo campus; Cordilleras replacement; feasibility studies for the South San Francisco campus; renovation of Serenity House on the San Mateo campus; and the replacement of the Animal Shelter at Coyote Point.

Percent of Customer Survey Respondents Rating Services as Good or Better Below Target

Percent of Health System Employees Evaluations Completed Annually Below Target - New Evaluation Pilot Underway

Average Costs per Capita Compared to Bay Area Counties Exceeding Target

Percent of Performance Goals Met System-Wide Below Target

FY 2018-19 Mid-Year Story Behind Performance

Percent of Customer Survey  Respondents Rating Services Good or Better

Health Administration revised its customer satisfaction survey during fiscal year 2017-18 to solicit feedback from internal customers represented through the Health Executive Committee and Administrative, Contract, Payroll and Fiscal Teams. In this first year, 83 percent of respondents rated the overall success of Health Administration in meeting their needs as excellent or good. Feedback was requested in areas of lower satisfaction and will be reviewed for improvement opportunities.  This measure will be updated at year-end for FY 2018-19.

Percent of Health System Employee Evaluations Completed Annually

We are currently gathering data on this measure and hope to update by the March 2019. 

Average Costs per Capita Compared to Bay Area Counties

The fiscal year 2017-18 average cost per capita was less than the target as a result of salary and benefit savings due to vacancies and lower service charges than budgeted, primarily related to lower intergovernmental transfer payments and delayed IT project expenses.
This measure will be updated at year-end for FY 2018-19.

Percent of Outcome and Efficiency Performance Goals and Benchmarks met System-wide

The Health System met 62 percent of performance goals and targets. Performance results in all areas that fell below the target will be reviewed by the Health Executive Committee to identify areas for improvement and develop plans to increase performance.  This measure will be updated at year-end for FY 2018-19.

Future Priorities

  • Changing policies in San Mateo to make the healthy choice the easiest choice, with particular efforts in getting more people active through promoting walking, biking and public transit for short trips, reducing the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, and reducing our collective contribution to climate change.
  • Working closely with the Project Development Unit and Department of Public Works to continue to progress on capital projects that form the infrastructure for state of the art health services of the future for the most vulnerable San Mateo County residents.
  • Leveraging Whole Person Care resources and key partners, such as the Health Plan of San Mateo and Human Services Agency, to engage complex individuals with multiple, co-occurring illnesses in organized systems of care, housing and other supports they need to live independently in the community.

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Last Updated: 01-25-2019