Health System: Health IT (5560B)

Program Outcome Statement

Provide governance to support efficient and transparent IT planning and service delivery.

Program Services

  • IT Planning and Management
  • IT Program and Project Management
  • Application Support
  • Business Intelligence Services
  • Information Security


The HIT Program, started in March 2013, was formed to create transparent and system-wide governance and support to ensure the delivery of high value information services to Health System customers. Health System customers represent all persons who ultimately receive a service supported by Health IT systems, including Health System employees, patients/clients, and business partners within and outside the County.

Percent of Health System Customers Ranking Services as Good or Better Meeting Target

Percent of Projects Completed on Time and Within Budget Meeting Target

Percent of Reports Delivered by Agreed-Upon Delivery Date Below Target

FY 2017-18 Year-End Story Behind Performance    

Percent of Health System Customers Ranking Services Good or Better

Satisfaction with project delivery remains consistent as work was planned and delivered through a transparent method. This was checked through the implementation of a customer satisfaction survey. Customer satisfaction surveys were distributed at the end of a completed project so that performance was measured at a project level.

Percent of Projects Completed On Time and Within Budget

Effective IT governance resulted in Health IT projects being delivered both on-time and within-budget.

Percent of Reports Delivered by Agreed Upon Delivery Date

The team has been busy with the addition of a pay for performance program which requires accounting for an additonal 22 complex performance measures.  In addition, the same team is working to establish an Enterprise Data Warehouse.  We have brought in an additional resource that will work on end user reporting to increase performance results.

Future Priorities

  • Complete Phase II of the Health Information Exchange (HIE) project, which is comprised of connecting to external trading partners, including neighboring hospitals, a statewide HIE network, and community based organizations.
  •  Establish a new Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), which forms the data foundation for analyses   and reporting across all client-facing divisions of SMC Health.
  • Implement an Electronic Health Record (EHR) for Correctional Health Services, including bar code medication administration and support for the new mental health pods.

Author: Gina Wilson, Chief Financial Officer, Health System     Contact Email:     Last Updated: 08-07-2018