Human Resources: Employee Benefits & Wellness and HRIM (1720P)

Program Outcome Statement

Optimize employee and organizational health and productivity through effective benefit/wellness/human information management services.

Program Services

  • Benefits administration (medical, dental, vision)
  • Short-term Disability/COBRA
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Wellness and Work/Life Programs
  • Human Resources Information Management (HRIM)


Employee Benefits and Wellness provides comprehensive and accessible benefits, services and programs to eligible employees, retirees, and their dependents to enhance quality of life and to help recruit and retain top employees. The program also offers wellness and work-life programs that improve employee health and well-being and promote a healthy work environment. The program also includes Human Resources Information Management, which oversees and ensures optimal leveraging of human resource information and systems in human capital planning, reporting and analytics. In addition, program staff provide classification and compensation services that ensures a competitive and equitable compensation system and maintains a standardized classification plan.

Percent of participants utilizing skills or reporting change in behavior after attending Health Promotion classes

Percent completion rate of employees who participated in at-risk Wellness Coaching services

Percent of customer survey respondents rating overall satisfaction with services good or better

Active Employees, Retirees, and Wellness

Story Behind Performance

Over 50% of employees participate in wellness screenings, which are anticipated to improve employee health and result in long-term cost savings. Of those referred to high risk Wellness Coaching services, 60% completed the program. An effort to increase completion rates, through more outreach, is underway. Ninety-four (94%) of employees attending health promotion classes are reporting that they utilize skills/report change in behavior after attending courses. Customer surveys were conducted for active employees and retirees this fiscal year. Feedback will be used to implement service enhancements, including rolling out a new phone system.
Recent program accomplishments include: implementing an Accountable Care Organization through Blue Shield Trio HMO plan, dental and vision buy ups, and recommendations from the labor-management Benefits Committee including volunteer benefits; processing open enrollment leveraging Workday;  reconciled Medicare discrepancies with providers; completing an RFP for a new Wellness vendor and continuing wellness dividends for employees that participate in wellness screenings and health assessments; completing a Countywide and individual classification studies; completing an audit of the County’s Civil Service files and implementing Workday upgrades and enhancements while leveraging technologies to increase efficiencies in tracking and maintaining metrics for the workforce.


Key priorities for the Benefits/Wellness and HRIM Program include:
  • Focusing on enhancing customer service by expanding health care plan options and technology, including implementation and reporting of ACA, business process re-engineering and expansion of benefit education/communications to employees;
  • Offering Wellness Incentives to employees participating in wellness screenings; and
  • Implementing recommendations from the Benefits labor-management labor committee;
  • Fully leveraging and exploring additional Workday functionality/capabilities; and
  • Exploring new options to maintaining the online Civil Service Files; and
  • Exploring further and/or implementing findings from the Countywide Personnel/Payroll personnel/payroll operations and classification study; and
  • Completing required studies in preparation for, and resulting from, bargaining sessions; and
  • Continuing to work with departments on staffing strategies, implementing Agile Organization Work Delivery Models, and supporting succession planning initiatives in order to anticipate and meet workforce needs.

Author: Theresa Rabe, Deputy Director     Contact Email:     Date Updated: 2/5/19