Human Resources: HR Strategic Support and Partnerships (1710P)

Program Outcome Statement

Increase organizational capacity through technology, partnerships, and financial performance.

Program Services

  • Policy development and implementation
  • Financial support and oversight
  • Organizational development and consultation
  • Position control administration and personnel/payroll support
  • Information Technology support
  • Civil Service Commission, Commission on the Status of Women, and Domestic Violence Council support


Human Resources (HR) Strategic Support and Partnerships collaborates with departments, employees, external partners, and internal HR divisions to provide leadership, consultative and support services.

Percent of Customer Survey Respondents Rating Overall Satisfaction with Services as Good or Better

Quality and Outcome Measures Meeting Performance Targets

Cost per Capita

Story Behind Performance

Providing outstanding customer service is a priority for the Human Resources (HR) Department. During the last five fiscal years, over 94% of Human Resources customers have rated services provided as good or better, exceeding the Countywide target of 90%.
The HR Department strives to ensure financial stability and keep operational costs low. The cost per capita is at $19, which is lower than other bay area counties. HR continues to maintain a reserve balance of 3% of Net Appropriations, exceeding the County’s 2% requirement. Over 80% of HR quality and outcome measures are met.
The Human Resources Department continues to deploy strategies that enhance performance, customer service, and efficiencies. Recent accomplishments include: developing and iterating a performance pilot that replaces the Annual Evaluation Process with a real time feedback and coaching model; leading and managing the Regional Internship and Fellowship programs as part of the Next Gen collaboration with San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties; continuing the Supported Training and Employment Program (STEP) for emancipated foster youth as a year-round program; hosting a Jobs Youth Summit for under-represented youth in our community to provide them with resources and tools needed to gain employment; and enhancing the employee experience through events and programs such as the Innovation Summit, Career Development Day, Career Development Assessment Center, Mentoring, Heart Walk and Casual Coaching.


Program priorities for the HR Strategic Support and Partnerships Program include:
  • Building an improved performance management process with pilot departments;
  • Managing the Regional Internship and Regional Management Fellowship Program with public agencies in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties;
  • Promoting employee engagement through the survey and follow-up activities, training and resources;
  • Directing the Management Talent Exchange Program (MTEP), which provides emerging leaders from local public agencies (in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties) the opportunity to participate in a 3-month assignment at another agency;
  • Creating a strategic plan to streamline communications shared with County employees;
  • Developing the next generation talent pipeline through the County’s internship program, Supported Training and Employment Program (STEP) and Jobs for Youth (JFY) Program in collaboration with internal and external partners;
  • Supporting the County’s Succession Planning Committee through coaching, mentoring, workshops and events;
  • Continuing to leverage Workday to ensure full utilization; and
  • Expanding Agile Organization initiatives (including the use of various employment types including fellowships, internships, Term) to allow for more flexibility and opportunities.

Author: Theresa Rabe, Deputy Director     Contact Email:     Date Updated: 2/5/19