Human Resources: Talent Acquisition (1740P)

Program Outcome Statement

Ensure hiring and retention of a highly qualified and diverse workforce.

Program Services

  • Recruitment and selection


Talent Acquisition provides innovative, responsive, fair, and consistent recruitment and selection services to County departments, employees, and job applicants to ensure the County employs a qualified and diverse workforce that delivers essential services to the public.

(external recruitments)

Average Cost of Recruitment

Percent of positions filled by internal candidates - management vs. non-management

Story Behind Performance

Program staff annually administer over 500 recruitments and process over 20,000 applications. Program staff provides excellent services as reflected in the customer survey results. A total of 90% of hiring managers surveyed indicate that they are satisfied with their new hire after six months and that their overall recruitment experience is excellent or good. The time-to-fill positions is 4 weeks for external recruitments and 3 weeks for internal recruitments which are better than the industry standard of 9 and 6 weeks respectively. This is due to new recruitment strategies that staff continue to implement. Staff collaborate with departments to meet hiring needs by identify options for providing short and long-term staffing solutions, which has enhanced partnerships with customer-departments. Promotion rates reflect that over 70% of management recruitments are filled with internal candidates and 50% of non-management positions are filled by internal candidates.
Recent program accomplishments include: expanding direct sourcing of candidates; continuing to expand the County’s Management Fellowship Program; hosting and presenting at the Career Development Day event that attracted over 700 employees; and increasing our ability to effectively and efficiently streamline recruitment efforts through technology.


Priorities for the Talent Acquisition Program include:
  • Expand use of technology to assist with recruitment efforts. This would include developing our brand, increasing our social media presence and sourcing efforts and using data analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of these efforts;
  • Work collaboratively with the EEO Division on the Diversity and Inclusion Initiative, especially as it relates to recruitment and testing processes; and
  • Continue to streamline recruitment efforts by increasing our use of technology, researching more effective online testing products and creating “cheat sheets” or “quick reference cards” to assist hiring managers and PRCs on how to effectively use our current technology to streamline the recruitment process.

Author: Theresa Rabe, Deputy Director      Contact Email:      Date Updated: 8/24/18