ISD: Applications (1860P)

Program Outcome Statement

Increase the productivity and efficiency of County employees through the delivery of reliable, secure, and user-friendly technologies. 
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Program Services

  • Content & Collaboration - Websites/Internet/Intranet/SharePoint
  • County Governance Support
  • Criminal Justice Systems Support
  • Database Architecture & Support
  • Department Applications Support
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Open Data
  • Office 365 & E-mail Support
  • HRIS and Payroll Systems Support (Workday)


The Information Services Department’s (ISD) Applications Program strives to support the County of San Mateo’s business and automation processes by maintaining and developing enterprise and departmental applications. The program also provides business and technical analytics and application project support. The program’s end goal is to automate business processes, improve productivity, and meet end user needs by leveraging both existing and emerging technologies.
Through collaboration with departments' leadership and business owners, the Applications Program is modernizing the County's applications and enterprise business systems, including Workday, which offers payroll and personnel support, and Microsoft Office 365 (O365), a comprehensive suite of cloud-based productivity applications and communication tools. The program also supports the Criminal Justice Integration (CJI) system, which enables data sharing between the County's criminal justice departments and the Superior Court.
ISD measures the program’s success based on three new measures: providing reliable access to four key applications, customer satisfaction, and response time for urgent incidents.

Availability of Key Applications (Workday, CJI System, SharePoint, and O365) 

Median Number of Minutes to Respond to High Priority Incidents

Percent of Customer Survey Respondents Rating Services for Key Applications (Workday, CJI System, SharePoint, and O365) as Good or Better

FY 2017-18 Year-End Story Behind Performance

Availability of Key Applications (Workday, CJI System, SharePoint, and O365)
These four key applications were available to County employees 99.94% of the time over the past year. This exceeds the availability target of 99.50%.
Enterprise applications are key to the productivity and success of all agencies. The Applications Program strives to minimize downtime for these applications to avoid adverse impact on worker productivity and costs to taxpayers. To that end, the program leverages industry-standard monitoring practices to ensure applications availability. Measuring availability improves the County’s overall operational success, business process support, and end user satisfaction.
Median Number of Minutes to Respond to High Priority Incidents
The Applications Program averaged 10 minutes to respond to urgent, high priority incidents. This exceeds the target response time of 60 minutes.
This measure demonstrates the program’s commitment to monitor systems and respond appropriately to address urgent incidents. A rapid response time optimizes operational productivity, increases customer satisfaction, minimizes service interruptions, and customer impact.
Percent of Customer Survey Respondents Rating Services for Key Applications (Workday, SharePoint, O365 and the CJI system) as Good or Better
Satisfaction surveys show 98.75% of respondents rate the program’s services for these four applications as good or better.
Customer satisfaction is a critical measure of ISD’s overall success. As a service organization, it is ISD’s duty to serve the employees of San Mateo County.  ISD will continue to review customer surveys to continue to make improvements in this area.

Future Priorities

  • Content & Collaboration: The Applications Program is in the process of refreshing the County website, This includes applying new technologies like edge-to-edge photos and landing page tiles that automatically scale to improve performance on mobile devices. The Content & Collaboration program will also continue to implement features and enhancements in other areas, such as SharePoint, to improve collaboration, content management, workflow management, and business intelligence.
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS): The program is successfully implementing the County’s five-year strategic GIS plan. The upcoming phase will focus on implementing enterprise-wide GIS System Architecture and migrating applications and datasets to the new environment. The program also plans to revamp the County’s existing ArcGIS online presence and launch a new ArcGIS portal to improve the customer experience.
  • ServiceNow Asset Management: In July 2018, ISD implemented phase one of the new Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) program. This program utilizes features in the County’s existing customer service ticket application, ServiceNow, to manage procurement, inventory, maintenance, etc., of County mobile devices. The benefits of ITAM yields, process efficiencies, cost savings & hardware re-use, risk management, investment evaluation, portfolio evaluation, portfolio delivery, improved outcomes. Over the next year, ITAM will be expanded to include other technology assets. The Applications Program will assist the enhancement and maturity of ServiceNow ITAM program.
  • Criminal Justice Integration (CJI) System Upgrade: Recent platform and middleware enhancements have greatly improved the availability of the CJI environment. The Applications Program will continue to implement all recurring and/or regulatory exchange enhancements and portal maintenance services.
  • Open Data: The program is continuing to champion and enhance statistical analysis, data visualization, and mapping throughout the County, leveraging the latest technologies and tools to make open data more informative and accessible.
  • County Governance Support: The Applications Program supports websites and applications utilized by County Governance agencies including County Counsel, Board of Supervisors, and the County Manager’s Office. These applications and websites include Pro-Law, Content Crawler, WestKM, Granicus, and Board of Supervisors websites.
  • Cloud-Hosted Solution Maintenance: The program will be primarily responsible for the maintenance of cloud-hosted applications such as Workday and ServiceNow, ensuring they stay updated as new versions, fixes, and features are released.
  • Assessors, Tax, and Controllers Software: The ISD Applications Program will assist in providing project coordination and oversight on the multi-year transition from the current legacy environment to the individual cloud-hosted solutions requested by these offices.

Author: Mike Copani     Contact Email:      Last Updated: 08-27-2018