ISD: Business & Fiscal Administration (1810P)

Program Outcome Statement

Provide accurate and timely business, fiscal, and administrative support services for the Information Services Department (ISD) and its customers.

Program Services

  • Budget Planning, Monitoring, Forecasting, and Reporting
  • Business Analytics and Process Improvements
  • Performance Analytics and Reporting
  • General Accounting - Accounts Payable (AP) / Accounts Receivable (AR)
  • Customer Billing and Collections
  • Procurement of Goods and Services
  • People Operations
  • Administrative Support


The Business and Fiscal Administration (BFA) Program provides support for financial management, business decision making, and people operations for ISD. The Program is leading several initiatives to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness in delivering its services.  
This Program also leads the preparation and updates of the Countywide five-year information technology capital improvement and strategic plan. 
At the start of fiscal year 2017-18, a new, countywide, training performance measure was created with the expectation that it will assist Departments in improving employee engagement. In fiscal year 2016-17, Human Resources records show 47 percent of employees completed or exceeded 20 hours of annual training. Skills and talents involved with supporting information technology change frequently; staff have adapted by developing skills through online training, videos, and attending local information sessions. Hours allocated to these training efforts are not reflected in the 47 percent. Through a more comprehensive training management plan, our goal in fiscal year 2017-18 is to meet this measure's target of 90 percent.

Percent of Employee Evaluations Completed Annually

FY 2014-15 Target = 95% |  FY 2015-16 Target = 95%

Percent of Employees Meeting the 20 Hour Annual Training Requirement

Percent of Employees Rating Working for the County as Very Good

FY 2014-15 Target = 75% |  FY 2015-16 Target = 75%

Percent of Performance Goals Met

FY 2014-15 Target = 60%  |  FY 2015-16 Target = 60%

FY 2017-18 Mid-Year Story Behind Performance

Percent of Employee Evaluations Completed Annually
In the last two fiscal years, ISD focused on improving employee satisfaction through collaborative feedback between managers and employees using the County's Collaborative Performance Management System. ISD completed the fiscal year 2016-17 employee evaluations in July 2017 and will accomplish the target for fiscal year 2017-18.

Percent of Employees Meeting the 20 Hour Annual Training Requirement
In fiscal year 2017-18, ISD established a three tier training plan for all department employees.  Tier one, core skills, consists of department-wide staff training related to customer service, basic technology tools and skills.  Tier two - unit-specific training, is designed to address the technical job requirements for all ISD business lines. This training will allow staff to provide effective and timely services. Tier three - specialized training, is tailored for an employees' personal and professional development goals.  The training completion is monitored on a weekly basis to ensure that the target is met at the end of the fiscal year.

Percent of Employees Rating Working for the County as Very Good
This metric increased from 72 percent in fiscal year 2016-17 to 77 percent in fiscal year 2017-18 due to a department re-organization, employee positions re-classification study, and office remodels which contributed to an overall increase in employee satisfaction. ISD continues to implement steps for improving this rating. The department has formed an internal employee engagement committee to further improve team collaboration, communication, people operations initiatives, and training.

Percent of Performance Goals Met
ISD met or exceeded performance targets for 17 out of 21 total performance measure, resulting in a score of 81 percent. This is due to continuous business process improvements across ISD Programs, training employees, providing necessary tools to achieve higher performance, and through frequent monitoring of each performance measure. The Department plans to exceed the performance measures target by the end of FY 2017-18.

Future Priorities
  • Improve Finance & Accounting processes to support budget management, procurement, accounting, and time-keeping
  • Implement a Countywide IT asset management system
  • Develop a collaborative culture and streamline business processes to improve and sustain operational effectiveness

Author: Harshil Kanakia     Contact Email:     Date Updated: 01-29-2018