ISD: Client Success (1820P)

Program Outcome Statement

Provide proactive, responsive, and reliable support while continuously improving customer experience and enabling customer success.

Program Services

  • Customer Relations
  • ISD Service Desk
  • Mobile Device Support
  • County Telephone Operators


The Client Success Program takes both a proactive and responsive approach to service delivery to improve customer experience, support, and satisfaction. This is achieved by creating strong relationships with customers on a strategic level as well as operationally via day-to-day interactions with County employees and the public.
The program serves as ISD's liaison and escalation point for issues, collaboration opportunities, and overall communication. The Service Desk serves as a central point of contact for County employees to report technology problems and make requests of ISD. The group not only receives and performs the initial triage of tickets before routing them to the appropriate support team, but also resolves many of the tickets itself, recently including mobile device support tickets. This speeds the resolution of tickets and prevents simple issues from being escalated to other teams unnecessarily.
The program’s County Telephone Operators are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide switchboard services and call assistance connecting the public to County departments and services.
ISD completed an organizational restructure at the start of FY 2017-18, and as a result, some performance measures were closed out and new, more relevant performance measures were created. The Client Success Program closed out the Customer Satisfaction and Severity 1 measures and replaced them with two new measures: Percent of Tickets Created on the Self-Service Portal and Percent of Total Tickets Resolved by the Service Desk.

Percent of Tickets Created on the Self-Service Portal

Percent of Total Tickets Resolved by the Service Desk

Service Desk First Call Resolution

FY 2014-15 Target = 51% | FY 2015-16 Target = 51%

FY 2017-18 Year-End Story Behind Performance

Percent of Tickets Created on the Self-Service Portal
Over the past year, 43% of tickets for ISD were created by users on the Self-Service Portal. This exceeds the target of 35%.
ISD has taken steps to promote the use of the Self-Service portal both internally and to customers. ISD's goal is to get its customers to feel comfortable in creating their own tickets online, which will lead to customers exploring the portal and taking advantage of its resources.
Percent of Total Tickets Resolved by the Service Desk
The Client Success Program’s Service Desk team resolved 42% of tickets submitted to ISD. This exceeds the target of 40%.
The percent of an information technology organization's tickets resolved by its help desk measures the organization's ability to distribute support appropriately across its various support tiers. The ISD Service Desk is considered level one support, and the more tickets it can handle, the fewer tickets will get reassigned to the other, more expensive support levels that should be handling projects and more complex issues. Exceeding the target for this measure demonstrates how the Client Success Program is helping ISD achieve peak support efficiency. The Service Desk took on the additional responsibility of supporting mobile devices this year, and the program has plans to continue expanding the team’s role.
Service Desk First Call Resolution
The Service Desk was able to resolve 91% of the tickets assigned to it in one interaction. This well exceeds the target of 75% for this measure.
This common customer satisfaction metric measures an organization's ability to address the customer's need during a first interaction, without requiring the customer or organization to follow up. Not only do multiple interactions frustrate customers, but follow-ups also increase overall call volume, which can cause a need for more staff resources. The Service Desk’s high score demonstrates the support team’s high ability to handle tickets at first interaction. The score is calculated based only on ISD Service Desk tickets, rather than based on all tickets assigned to ISD, since tickets requiring escalation to higher level support tiers are not an accurate representation of the Service Desk’s efforts.

Future Priorities

  • Support Team Consolidation: The Client Success Program plans to consolidate all end-user support teams under one program to mature support capabilities and enable a consistent customer experience. This includes the ISD Service Desk, which acts as the primary, tier one point of contact for customers to report problems and make requests of ISD; the Desktop Support team, a higher-level support tier specialized in desktop issues, maintenance, and deployment; and the Audiovisual Services team, which installs and sets the standards for the County’s audiovisual/video conferencing solutions.
  • Customer Service Standards: The program will create and champion a set of customer service standards to be used by all ISD teams to ensure consistent, quality service delivery across the entire enterprise.
  • Process Refinement: Incident management, identifying, analyzing, and correcting problems to prevent their re-occurrence, is a key priority for ISD. The Client Success Program plans to continually examine and refine the incident management process and other service management practices to improve problem definitions, after-hours on-call processing, escalation procedures, etc.
  • Service Desk Expansion: The program will expand the role and capabilities of the ISD Service Desk to handle additional ticket types to ensure effective use of ISD’s resources.
  • PC as a Service: The program will explore new ways to streamline proactive PC support and replacement of outdated equipment through a PC leasing program.

Author: Cindy Chen     Contact Email:     Date Created: 08-27-2018