ISD: IT Operations (1830P)

Program Outcome Statement

Provide reliable, resilient infrastructure and connectivity to support all County systems and departments.

Program Services

  • Telephone Services
  • Radio Services
  • Server Support (Physical and Virtual)
  • Countywide Data Centers Services
  • Data Backup & Recovery


The Operations Program provides the stable infrastructure and reliable connectivity to the County's applications, services, and systems required in order to function. This foundational technology allows the County to provide needed and expected services to its partners, visitors, and residents. Though they may not realize it, every County department relies on the services of the ISD Operations Program to remain connected and productive, even down to the humble telephones on everyone’s desk.
 ISD completed an organizational restructure in FY 2017-18, and some performance measures were altered accordingly to better reflect relevant data for each program. For the Operations Program, two new measures were created: Median Number of Minutes to Respond to High Priority Incidents and Percent of Data Restore Requests Completed Successfully. These new measures will assist in monitoring the program’s performance in responding to urgent incidents related to infrastructure and in providing complete and reliable data restoration.
It should be noted the Operations Program is changing its focus areas to better serve ISD customers. Network services, audiovisual services, and desktop support have migrated out of the program; while SMC Labs, disaster recovery, and facilities and fleet have migrated in.

Availability of Key IT Infrastructure (Data Center, Wide Area Network, Radio Backbone, and Telephone Exchange)

FY 2014-15 Target = 99.7%  |  FY 2015-16 Target = 99.7%

Median Number of Minutes to Respond to High Priority Incidents

Percent of Data Restore Requests Completed Successfully

FY 2018-19 Mid-Year Story Behind Performance

Availability of Key IT Infrastructure (Data Center, Wide Area Network, Radio Backbone and Telephone Exchange)
Over the past year, the Operations Program ensured key IT infrastructure was available to users 100% of the time. This exceeds the target of 99.90%.
On average, the past availability of these services has always exceeded both stated targets and common industry benchmarks. The Operations Program always strives for continuous improvement in reliability and accessibility.
The program expanded and upgraded the County’s Radio infrastructure to meet employees’ changing needs and ensure availability. The upgrade will support the new 911 dispatch center in the Regional Operations Center.
The Operations Program’s monitoring systems helped safeguard the enterprise network, servers, and services against outages. Virtual storage and computing environments were expanded to support the County's requirements for high performing, cost effective, and highly-available data processing systems.
Median Number of Minutes to Respond to High Priority Incidents
ISD Operations support team responded to 34 high priority tickets, which can be made up of Priority 1 and Priority 2 tickets in the first half of FY18-19. The Operations Program took a median of 10 minutes to respond to high priority incidents. This exceeds the stated target of a 60-minute response time.
This measure demonstrates the program’s commitment to minimizing downtime for customers by proactively monitoring systems for problems and responding appropriately when an urgent incident arises. Every high priority incident receives a weekly review and root cause analysis, providing insight on ways to improve performance and proactively plan responses to future incidents.
Percent of Data Restore Requests Completed Successfully
This measure shows the Operations Program has successfully completed 94% of data restores requested in the first half of FY18-19. This exceeds the target of 90%.
Data back-ups are only as good as the ability to restore that data when needed. This performance measure highlights the integrity of the program’s data back-ups as well as the reliability of its data restorations. This ensures County employees have continued access to the accurate data they rely on to perform their duties efficiently and prevents any data loss that could compromise County services.

Future Priorities

  • SMC Public Wi-Fi: This Program will continue to expand the use of public WiFi while looking to balance expansion with creating increased value to the County and public.
  • New Connections: The County and Regional (formerly shared) fiber sites will be connected to two high speed internet distribution centers. These connections will allow the County to procure better Internet Services Providers (ISPs), high-speed connectivity, and new partnerships. They will also provide redundancy in the event of a connectivity failure.
  • Telephone System Upgrade: Deployment will continue the replacement telephone system offering more robust applications and functionality. During this upgrade, the current phone system will remain available.
  • Radio System Upgrade: Work on the radio system will continue, ultimately providing greater functionality and capacity. The current radio system will remain available during the upgrade.
  • Radio Site Improvements: The program will plan for multi-year radio site facilities maintenance and the replacement of end of life radio equipment.
  • SMC Labs: SMC Labs is an innovation center dedicated to evaluating and testing innovative technologies to help solve problems throughout the County. Solutions are currently being tested for problems such as air quality, drone detection, affordable housing, wayfinding and parking.

Author: Martin Torres     Contact Email:     Last Updated: 03-1-2019