ISD: IT Operations (1830P)

Program Outcome Statement

Provide secure, reliable, and highly available infrastructure and connectivity to support all County systems and departments.

Program Services

  • Telephone Services
  • Network Services
  • Radio Services
  • Server Support (Physical and Virtual)
  • Countywide Data Centers
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Video Conference Services
  • Desktop Support Services


This Program provides a stable infrastructure and reliable connectivity for the County's applications, services, and systems to run on; thus, allowing the County to provide the needed and expected services to its partners, visitors, residents, and constituents.

The Department completed an organizational restructure, and as a result, two new Programs were created and two were changed. Due to the restructure, for fiscal year 2017-18 some performance measures were closed out allowing for the creation of new performance measures that hold relevance to each Program. For the IT Operations Program, the two new measures are Median Number of Minutes to Respond to High Priority Incidents and Percent of Data Restore Requests Completed Successfully.  These new measures will assist in monitoring the Program's performance in responding to urgent incidents related to infrastructure as well as providing complete and reliable data restoration.  

Availability of Key IT Infrastructure (i.e., Datacenter, Wide Area Network, Radio Backbone, and Phone PBX)

FY 2014-15 Target = 99.7%  |  FY 2015-16 Target = 99.7%

Median Number of Minutes to Respond to High Priority Incidents

Percent of Data Restore Requests Completed Successfully

FY 2017-18 Mid-Year Story Behind Performance

Availability of Key IT Infrastructure (i.e., Datacenter, Wide Area Network, Radio Backbone and Phone PBX)
Historically, the availability of these services has exceeded, on average, both the Department's target and industry benchmark, however, ISD always strives for continuous improvement in reliability and accessibility. The expansion of both the wireless connectivity and fiber connectivity throughout the County ensured that the availability goal was met, and that the County could keep pace with the changing needs of departments and agencies. Also, the increase in bandwidth to both of the County's Internet connections enhanced the user experience to the County's cloud based services such as WorkDay, Office 365, and ServiceNow. The evolution of the County's monitoring systems helped to ensure that the enterprise network, servers, and services can be proactively maintained to reduce outages. The virtual storage and computer environment continues to grow in support of the County's requirements for high performing, cost effective, and highly available data processing systems. Both the radio backbone and telephone communication systems will see some improvements over the next couple of years; however, they will remain available during these upgrades. The target for FY 2017-18 is 99.9 percent and at mid-year the Department measured at 99.99%.

Median Number of Minutes to Respond to High Priority Incidents
With a mid-year median of eight minutes, the Program is meeting the target of 60 minutes or less. This measure demonstrates that the Program is committed to monitoring systems and responding appropriately to address urgent incidents which will in turn minimize downtime for customers.  By reviewing each high priority incident monthly, this measure has provided insight on ways to better track performance as well as ways to proactively plan for responses to future high priority incidents.

Percent of Data Restore Requests Completed Successfully
With a score of 100 percent at mid-year, the Program is exceeding the target of 90 percent for this measure.  The Department would like to use this new performance measure to highlight the integrity of data back-ups that are performed as well as the reliability of data restorations; data back-ups are only as good as the ability to restore that data whenever it is required or requested.

Future Priorities
  • Increase Wide Area Network (WAN) bandwidth (from 50 MB to 10 GB) by deploying dark fiber at key sites
  • Increase wireless connectivity for the public and County staff at 30 sites
  • Connecting partner city sites to the County's shared fiber project
  • Deploy a new voice replacement system with more robust telephony applications and functionality
  • Deploy Internet connections with a bandwidth of 1 GB to San Francisco and Palo Alto Internet exchanges
  • Deploy direct connections to the AWS and Azure cloud environments
  • Continue to develop more consistent processes and procedures to improve the Customer Experience
  • Upgrade the Radio System to provide greater functionality and capacity
  • Improve and enhance the County's DMZ to support failover
  • Replace aging network switches at key points of the County's network

Author: Martin Torres     Contact Email:     Last Updated: 01-29-2018