ISD: Planning and Project Management (1844P)

Program Outcome Statement

Provide an enterprise-wide approach to identify, prioritize, and successfully execute a portfolio of technology projects that are aligned with the County’s strategic vision for technology

Program Services

  • Project Management


In alignment with the County’s Five-Year Information Technology Capital Improvement Plan to modernize County infrastructure and applications, the Planning and Project Management Program (Program) supports key enterprise IT projects in the areas of remote work technology, cybersecurity, network upgrades, internet connectivity for health and education, and County website upgrades.

Percent of Projects Completed with a Customer Satisfaction Rating of Good or Better

FY 2020-21 Year-End Story Behind Performance

Percent of Projects Completed with a Customer Satisfaction Rating of Good or Better
The Planning and Project Management Program received a 100% customer satisfaction rating of the projects completed in the first half of FY 2021-22 which exceeds the target of 85%.
ISD strives to ensure all projects are completed successfully on-schedule and on-budget with the goal of sponsors rating our services as good or better with the project management services, they received. This measure provides ISD to measure customer satisfaction and continually improve our project management services.
During the first half of FY 2021-22, this Program supported projects in five key focus areas of the Department: cybersecurity upgrades, remote work technology improvements, internet bandwidth and quality of service, county website upgrade, and internet connectivity for health and education.
Future Priorities
  • The Program will support the implementation of the Enterprise Architecture plan that will improve quality of connectivity, security, disaster recovery, technology resource management, and telephony services.
  • A new project and portfolio management tool will be implemented with re-engineered business processes to allow for strategic IT Project and portfolio management, on-boarding, project planning, and execution.

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