Office of Sustainability: County Service Area No. 8 (4070B)

Program Outcome Statement

Administer the waste management operations and fire protection services within County Service Area No. 8, the community of North Fair Oaks

Program Services

  • Solid waste collection and waste diversion
  • Reducing illegal dumping
  • Fire protection services
  • Administrative services


The Office of Sustainability Waste Reduction Program’s mission is to advance environmental sustainability by working with residents, businesses and institutions throughout San Mateo County to encourage environmental stewardship, implement resource conservation programs and policies, and comply with the California Integrated Waste Management Act (AB 939), the California Mandatory Commercial Recycling Act (AB 341), and the California Mandatory Organics Recycling Act (AB 1826).
The Program also supports County Service Area 8 by administering the waste hauling agreement with Recology and participating as an active member of the Joint Powers Authority ( for garbage and recycling services, in order to cost effectively implement and manage waste reduction and recycling programs.

Tons of Solid Waste Materials Collected Curbside in County Service Area No. 8

Percent of Customers Rating Recology / Shoreway Services for County Service Area No. 8 as Good or Better

Redwood City Fire Department Emergency Response Time, Percent of Responses Less Than Seven (7) Minutes

Story Behind Performance FY 2017-18 Year-End Update

During FY 2015-17, the County reviewed ways to increase recycling while decreasing illegal dumping. The illegal dumping smart phone application (Report It! NFO) that launched in late FY2014-15 makes it easier for the public to report graffiti, illegal dumping, and litter incidents. In FY 2017/18, North Fair Oaks residents and County staff reported and processed 693 incidents.

The Integrated Waste Management Act- of 1989." established an integrated waste management hierarchy to guide local agencies to divert waste in order of priority: (1) source reduction, (2) recycling and composting, and (3) environmentally safe transformation and land disposal.  In North Fair Oaks the disposal has been relative steady and the recycling tons are consistent for an area that typical redeems their CRV recyclables, this past year both disposal and recycling tons decreased, this change can happen due to the type or change of commercial businesses in the area.
In 2017, the Program included a link on all Prop 218 notices to residents in both the County Franchised Areas and County Service Area No.8 to participate in a survey and gauge their satisfaction with the current garbage and recycling collection services.  The program will continue to get feedback from residents to ensure the contract the program administers is meeting the needs of the residents in these two services areas, the survey can provide valuable information in recommending future program activities.
San Mateo County also contracts with Redwood City Fire Department for fire protection and emergency response in CSA-8, and contributes funding to operate the North Fair Oaks Community Center and landscaping services. Redwood City Fire Department staff provide fire and life safety reviews of building plans, defensible space reviews, fire protection education, and fire investigation services. All seven fire stations operated by Redwood City participate in the countywide mutual aid program which sends the closest engine to any event, regardless of the location. Annually, the Redwood City Fire Department responds to approximately 233 calls in CSA-8. The North Fair Oaks Community Center serves approximately 7,000 households and 20,000 individuals each year, approximately 25% of these visitors are from the North Fair Oaks community.

Author: Lillian Clark, Resource Conservation Program Manager     Contact Email:     Last Updated: 08/24/2018