Office of Sustainability: Livable Community (4030P)

Program Outcome Statement

Facilitate increased transportation alternatives and housing choices for all income levels in San Mateo County

Program Services

  • Active Transportation
  • Commute Alternatives Program
  • Home for All


The Livable Communities program improves livability and reduces vehicles mile traveled and greenhouse gas emissions by promoting creative housing and alternative transportation solutions in the county through three programs:
Home for All San Mateo County Initiative is a community collaborative addressing the housing challenge in San Mateo County by promoting the preservation and production of all types of housing
Commute Alternative Program provides a comprehensive set of services and incentives for county employees to use public transit, carpool, vanpool, walk or bike to work
Active transportation programs that educate and encourage residents to walk or bike as a mode of transportation

Number of People Attending Livable Community Events

Employee Participation in the Commute Alternatives Program

Story Behind Performance FY 2017-18 Year-End Update

The Livable Communities Program strives to improve the quality of life and the environment by promoting policies to close the jobs/housing gap in San Mateo County and encourage residents and employees to shift to more resource-efficient transportation through community partnerships and engagement.
To facilitate increased transportation and housing choices for all income levels, the Livable Communities Program convenes community partners, residents and employees to promote innovative solutions. Performance is measured in number of people attending Livable Communities events including community outreach events, employee engagement, and meetings with community partners. For FY 2018-19, the Program connected with over 3,400 people in the county educating them on our transportation and housing challenges and the creative solutions available to address these issues.
The Livable Communities Program manages the Commute Alternatives Program for County employees. The program offers a variety of subsidies and services to encourage employees to use an alternative mode of transportation to commute to work ranging from a recently launched employee shuttle service to subsidies for employees who take public transit, carpool, walk or bike.  For FY 2018-19, CAP experienced an average participation of 1,198 employees per month (or 17.24 percent of the workforce) utilizing the various subsidies and programs.

FY 2018-19 Priorities

  • Contribute to the reduction of the San Mateo County Jobs-Housing Gap on a year by year basis starting from a baseline of 24:1 from 2010-14
  • Promote mode shift to alternative transportation to improve livability and decrease vehicle miles traveled and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improve Program effectiveness and functioning and support Program development

Author: Jessica Mullin, Resource Conservation Program Manager     Contact Email:     Date Updated: 08/23/2018