Public Safety Communications 

FY 2015-17 Performance Report

The San Mateo County Office of Public Safety Communications is dedicated to providing excellent Police, Fire and Medical emergency dispatch and communications services.  We do this by forming collaborative partnerships, ensuring quality and upholding the values of the organization.  As the initial responder, we act quickly and decisively in order to achieve safety and quality of life of those we serve.

Customer Satisfaction Rating of Good or Better

Percentage of 911 Calls Answered in 10 Seconds or Less

Percentage of Employee Evaluations Completed

Percentage of Employees Rating San Mateo County Good or Better

Cost Per Capita

Percentage of Goals and Benchmarks Met

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FY 2015-17 Highlights

  • Center of Excellence Emergency Medical Dispatch  Re-accredited for the 3rd time.
  • City of Daly City - Successful negotiations resulted in an agreement for 911 Law Enforcement Dispatch Services.
  • Addition of 6 New Communications Dispatcher Positions.
  • Successful Recruitment of 12 Communications Dispatchers.
  • Phase One Completion of our Policy and Procedure Manual Update. Phase Two estimated completion December 2016.

FY 2017-19 Goals

  • Evaluate  and develop an organizational structure for the future.
  • Develop Succession Plan which meets the needs of the organization.
  • Enhance training plan to meet the needs of the organization. 
  • Enhance Web based Customer Service Feedback.
  • Continue employee recognition and engagement.
  • Complete the purchase and outfitting of two Incident Dispatch Vehicles.

FY 2017-19 Challenges

  • Continue efforts to transition Public Safety Communications (PSC) working in conjunction with the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office into the new Regional Operations Center (ROC).
  • Continue efforts to transition PSC to a new Computer Aided Dispatch System.
  • Succession planning and training in preparation of vacancies and pending retirements. 
  • Continue efforts to keep the current PSC equipment and facilities in working order.

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   FY 2016-17 Budget

OVERVIEW                                 FY 2015-16          FY 2016-17              Amount Change        Percent Change
TOTAL SOURCES:                       8,443,617           9,246,131                   802,514                           9.5%
TOTAL REQUIREMENTS:          12,036,272          13,071,808                 1,035,356                        8.6% 
TOTAL NET COUNTY COST:      3,592,655           3,825,677                  233,022                           6.5%
TOTAL POSITIONS:                    59                       65                              6                                     10%