County Parks:                Coyote Point Marina (3980B)

Program Outcome Statement

Safe access to the San Francisco Bay with berths and launching

Program Services

  • Emergency boat patrol/response
  • Environmental protection
  • Security assistance to Marina users


The Coyote Point Marina provides and maintains a safe and fully utilized recreational facility for the boating public. The Coyote Point Marina has operated continuously for over 53 years. The Marina also provides electrical and water service to berthers as well as an oil collection station, boat refueling, a boat wash down area, and three lane launch ramps. The Marina has also recently constructed a new replacement dock system for large boats.

Increasing Cost per Berth Not Meeting Target

Percent of Berths Filled Exceeding Target

Percent of Customer Survey Respondents Rating Marina Services Good or Better Below Target 

FY 2017-18 Mid-Year Story Behind Performance

Percent of Berths Filled

All of the berths at the Marina are currently usable. Out of 562 berths, 441 berths are filled. All slips over 32 feet are rented; the majority of empty slips are 22 feet side ties. Market trends over the past 10 years have shown larger boats are more popular. The Marina will be aggressively advertising the side ties and smaller slips. 

Cost per Berth

Marina expenditures are projected to total $2.5 million by the end of the fiscal year. Given that the Marina has a total of 562 berths, the projected cost per berth is $4,448. Expenditures are expected to increase as a result of significant dredging work at the Marina. 

Percent of Customer Survey Respondents Rating Marina Services Good or Better

Marina surveys are sent out to Marina customers in April of every year. Surveys have been consistently in the 95-100 percent range. Survey response rates have been historically low. Efforts are being made to find alternative surveying techniques to increase response rates.

Future Priorities

  • Complete plans and permits and begin Phase I of the Marina dredging
  • Implement an updated Deferred Maintenance Plan
  • Implement revenue enhancement measures at the Marina to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Marina operations
  • Update the fees to ensure consistency with comparable facilities
  • Install dry storage to increase usability and financial performance

Author: Jonathan Gervais, Parks Director     Contact Email:     Last Updated: 01/29/2018