Parks Department

FY 2015-17 Performance Report

Mission Statement

Through Stewardship, San Mateo County Parks preserves our County's natural and cultural treasures in order to provide safe and accessible parks, recreation, and learning opportunities that enhance the community's quality of life. 
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          Number of Annual           Park Visitors

Humpback Whales at Miramar




Visitor Surveys 

With the help of San Francisco State University, more than 2,400 Parks visitors were surveyed. Results of the survey indicated a customer satisfaction rating of 99 percent.

       Percent of Customer Survey Respondents           Rating Services Good or Better

       Number of  Annual         Volunteer Hours

      Percent of Performance       Goals Met

Cost per Capita

       Percent of Employees Rating Experience     Working for the County as Good or Better

    Percent of Employee     Evaluations Completed Annually

Measure A: FY 2015-17

Sanchez Adobe
Moss Beach & Huddart Playground
Memorial Campground Movie System
Horse Arena Footing
ADA Playground Improvements
SCA Field Crews
Parks Shuttle Program 

Measure A: FY 2017-19

Hazardous Trees & Fire Fuel Reduction
           Repave Campgrounds & Re-rock                 Emergency Access Roads
Replace Huddart Park Waterlines
Junipero Serra Park
Sam McDonald House & Visitor Center

FY 2015-17 Highlights

  • Completed visitor survey with San Francisco State University
  • Visits to County Parks up 23 percent
  • Improved completion rate for annual employee evaluation
  • 40 interpretive programs in FY 15-16
  • Updated technology: New reservation system, new electronic fee stations at Coyote Point, WiFi at Coyote Point and Memorial Park, use of iPads (tablets) for entering field data, mapping, way-finding and checking-in campers

FY 2015-17 Highlights

  • Implemented new concession contract for Folgers Stable
  • Certified as a Green Business after completing Sustainability Action Plan
  • Initiated Stewardship Volunteer Corps Program
  • Completed fire fuel hazard reduction on approximately 11 acres

FY 2017-19 Goals

  • Maintain momentum and upward trends
  • Construct Green Valley Trail
  • Grazing on San Bruno Mountain
  • Park Shuttles on weekends to Wunderlich and Edgewood parks
  • Complete Flood Park improvements CEQA
  • Improve Parks infrastructure
  • Increase Park Ranger presence, public programs, outreach and park activities
  • Convene Dog Management Committee
  • Review Coyote Point Marina for possible concession lease
  • Continue to improve project tracking, planning and completion
  • Sustainable funding for parks

FY 2017-19 Challenges 

  • Meeting the need for expanding community outreach and visitor services while continuing to provide core park work
  • Replacing old, failing water and sewer systems 
  • Providing adequate level of Park Ranger services and enforcement to meet the impacts of increased visitor use
  • Limited office space 

FY 2016-17 Adopted Budget

Total Sources: $18,507,056 
Total Requirements: $30,155,322 
Net County Cost: $11,648,266  
FTEs: 71