Planning and Building: Long Range Planning (3830P)

Program Outcome Statement

Long Range Planning Services promotes sustainable development by updating plans, regulations, and procedures

Program Services

  • Community Planning
  • General Plan, Zoning, and Local Coastal Program Updates
  • Code Compliance*
* Effective FY 2017-18, Code Compliance will be a separate budget org and program, and will no longer be reported under Long Range Planning.Program Services


The Long Range Planning Program updates plans, regulations, and procedures in order to create livable communities, protect the environment, and support sustainable economic development.
Some of the FY 2017-18 Long Range Planning projects include:
  • Completed the Accessory Dwelling Unit Amendments
  • Advanced the Plan Princeton and Connect the Coastside
  • Completed the Farm Labor Housing Guidebook 
  • Advanced the Parallel Trail, a project from the Highway 1 Safety and Mobility Study.
  • Supported the San Francisco Airport Roundtable
  • Completed Rezoning of Phase 2-A area of North Fair Oaks along El Camino Real and 5thAvenue
  • Completed Comprehensive Subdivision Regulations Update
  • Completed new Short Term Rental Ordinance and new Cannabis Cultivation Regulations
For 2017-18, Long Range Planning will:
  • Complete Phases 2-A and 2-B NFO Rezoning (along El Camino Real, 5th Avenue Middlefield)
  • Complete Subdivision and Tree Regulation Amendments
  • Protect and Provide Affordable Housing through Zoning Amendments and Assistance Programs
  • Complete Connect the Coastside and Plan Princeton
  • Develop Green Infrastructure Plan collaboration with the Office of Sustainability and Departments of Public Works and Parks and Recreation

Percent of Satisfactory Ratings from Newly Introduced Stakeholder Evaluations Exceeded Target

Percent Completion of Policies and Programs Implementing the Housing Element and North Fair Oaks Community Plan Held Steady

Average Number of Days to Conduct Inspection Following Receipt of Complaint Remains Constant

FY 2017-18 Year End Story Behind Performance

Percent Good or Excellent Ratings on Stakeholder Evaluations
Beginning in FY 2016-17, the Long Range Planning team began distributing a standardized evaluation form to stakeholders and community participants at its North Fair Oaks Community Plan Implementation and Tree Ordinance Update workshops. The Department has established a target of 75 percent good or excellent overall ratings, and closed the fiscal year with an average of 82 percent, exceeding the target.
Percent Completion of Policies and Programs Implementing the Housing Element and North Fair Oaks Community Plan Increasing
The Housing Element establishes the County's housing needs and goals, and incorporates policies to increase housing production of all types in San Mateo County. The North Fair Oaks Community Plan establishes goals for development over the next 25 to 30 years, and incorporates policies and programs to achieve the Community's vision. As of the end of FY 2017-18, the County has implemented 100 percent completion of six out of twelve policies/programs in the Housing Element and the North Fair Oaks Community Plan. The remaining six policies are in the range of 33%-65% close to completion.
Average Number of Days to Conduct Inspection Following Receipt of Complaint
The Code Compliance team has experienced a significant increase in cases, but has been able to successfully conduct inspections within the current three day target time frame. Additional term and regular staff positions have been added, and the team continues to prioritize complaints regarding threats to health and safety.

Future Priorities

  • Completion of Plan Princeton and Connect the Coastside
  • Completion of Phases 2-B and 3 of NFO rezoning and Tree Regulation amendments
  • Create a new Child Care Ordinance
Author: Joe LaClair, Planning Services Manager     Contact Email:     Date Updated: 08-27-2018