Probation: Department Measures (3200D)


The mission of the San Mateo County Probation Department is to enhance community safety, reduce crime, and assist the victims of crime through offender accountability and rehabilitation.


The vision of the San Mateo County Probation Department is to be a proactive and innovative agency which facilitates positive changes in offenders' behaviors that reduce recidivism and foster a law-abiding lifestyle.

Core Values

  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Excellence
  • Teamwork

Department Headline Measures

Percent of Offenders Successfully Completing Probation

Percent of offenders being supervised based on risk level using an evidence-based assessment

Budget Summary

FY 2018-19

  • Total Sources:$44,306,058
  • Total Requirements: $96,957,680
  • Net County Cost: $52,651,622
  • Funded FTEs: 408.86

FY 2019-20

  • Total Sources: 
  • Total Requirements: 
  • Net County Cost: 
  • Funded FTEs: 

Program Results

Percent of Adult Offenders Completing Probation without New Sustained Law Violations

Percent of Juvenile Offenders Completing Probation without New Sustained Law Violations

Percent of Realignment Offenders Completing Probation without New Felony Law Violations

Fiscal Year 2018-19 Highlights

  • Renewed certification as an Evidence Based Organization;
  • Complete the Institutions Services Division Annual Report  of the program services offered to youth at the YSC, Camp Glenwood, and Camp Kemp;
  • Complete department-wide computer hardware replacement; 

Fiscal Year 2019-20  Priorities

  • Continue to prioritize the timely completion of employee evaluations;
  • Continue to provide training to sworn staff to ensure the integrity of  implementing the Department's evidence based risk assessment tools;
  • Continue to build and internal IT Unit with expertise in report writing and SQL coding;
  • Complete Youth Services Center Juvenile Hall and Camp Kemp facility renovations to ensure compliance with the Board State Community and Corrections Juvenile Title 15;
  • Complete resource mapping to identify services for at-risk youth countywide;
  • Continue to develop data sharing agreements and Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with our county partners that allow for collaborative partnership;
  • Expand the current cognitive behavior curriculum to include all adult offenders and
  • Ensure that eligible offenders are placed in appropriate alternatives to custody in a time manner.

Administrative Measures

Percent of Outcome and Efficiency Goals and Benchmarks Met

Percent of Employee Performance Evaluations Completed Annually

Cost Per Capita

Customer Satisfaction

Author: Michelle Mendez, Management Analyst 
Contact Email:     Last Updated: 02/07/2019