County Manager:
Project Development Unit

Program Outcome Statement

The Project Development Unit provides County residents and employees with new, functional, sustainable buildings that improve employee comfort, morale, and productivity, save in operations and maintenance costs, and enhance the overall experience in working for and doing business with the County of San Mateo.

Program Services

  • Construction Management
  • Code Compliance
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Design Services
  • Consultant Management


The Project Development Unit (PDU) provides oversight and project management on all new ground up construction projects. The Project Development Unit’s responsibility includes providing feasibility studies, design services, consultant management, code compliance, construction and budget management. The PDU staff prides themselves on providing County residents and employees with new, sustainable, cost-effective facilities that improve productivity.

Percent of Projects on Track to be Completed within the Project Budget

Percent of Projects to be Completed on Schedule

Percent of Projects with Adopted ZNE Design Principals

Zero Net Energy (ZNE) buildings are buildings that produce roughly the same amount of renewable energy as they consume on an annual basis. The Project Development Unit seeks to construct ZNE buildings to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in alignment with the County's Shared Vision 2025.

FY 2018-19 Mid-Year Story Behind Performance

Regional Operations Center
The topping out ceremony was held in May 2018. The majority of the work on the exterior of the building is complete. The roofing is complete and the rooftop mechanical equipment has been craned in to position. Work is underway to provide pathways for power to run between the new PG&E service, two emergency generators, and the building.
The project is proceeding smoothly and is expected to be fully operational by Summer 2019.
Skylonda Fire Station
The soft opening was held in September 2018. The Design-Build Entity has had several challenges on this project due to its location.  Exterior utility pads are being completed and PG&E will be out to connect to the structures. Completion of phase 1 of the project has been moved back to May 31, 2019. Completion of phase 2 of the project is tentatively set for September 2019.
Animal Shelter
Work continues on the installation of under slab plumbing and electrical conduit in the first and second sections of the new Animal Shelter building. Electrical conduit and underground plumbing were installed in the new Maintenance Shop. Form work has begun for the new concrete mat slab. Work on the new building mat slab has been progressing well. The first concrete pour is scheduled for the first week of February 2019.
The estimated completion date for the Animal Shelter is Spring 2020.
County Office Building III
The project is currently in the design development phase. The Design Team of Studio Gang in association with KMD Architect is refining the design of both the building and landscape. Meetings have been scheduled with the future occupants regarding the use, flow, and operation of the offices. Work continues to refine the optimal photo-voltaic output distribution to achieve Zero Net Energy.

Parking Structure II
The architect is working through the Construction Documents phase and anticipates delivery of the complete design package by mid-January. Meetings for a page turn review have been scheduled.
The Construction Manager at Risk has been working closely with the design team to support cost estimation efforts and provide pre-construction input to plan for the permitting and bidding phase. The tentative completion date for the project is Summer 2020.

Lathrop House Relocation
The design phase was completed and the procurement phase has begun. The State Office of Historical Preservation has approved the preservation request for the Lathrop House. Relocation activities are expected to begin in early 2019.
San Mateo County Health Campus Upgrade
The design development package for the new administration building was completed and submitted for cost estimation in August 2018. Construction Documentation for the new administration building is expected to be completed at the end of February 2019. Construction began in January 2019 for the OSHPD related scope. Construction on the new administrative building is expected to begin in April 2019. The tentative completion date for the construction of the new administrative building is Summer 2020. Construction on the link building is tentatively set to begin in January 2021 and be completed by December 2021.

Future Priorities

One of PDU's future priorities is to become a client of choice and attract construction teams, consultants and architects to submit bids on the many projects the PDU is overseeing. PDU is creating an in depth orientation for those who join our team by educating them on processes such as: team building, best known practice for project management, permitting, how to submit an acceptable payment application, the overall process navigation, etc.  PDU will even include accommodation and dining ideas for out of town participates, again striving to become a client of choice and not a client for convenience.

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