Public Safety Communications (1240D)


The Public Safety Communications Department (PSC) provides excellent Police, Fire, and Medical emergency dispatch and communications services by acting quickly and decisively in order to achieve safety and quality of life for those we serve.

Department Headline Measures

High Priority 9-1-1 Calls Processed Within Established Timeframes Remaining Static

Customer Service Feedback Rated as Excellent Decreasing

Budget Summary

FY 2015-16

  • Total Sources: 8,443,617
  • Total Requirements: 12,036,272
  • Net County Cost: 3,592,655
  • Funded FTEs: 59.00

FY 2016-17

  • Total Sources: 8,294,472
  • Total Requirements: 12,251,094
  • Net County Cost: 3,956,622
  • Funded FTEs: 59.00

Program Results

9-1-1 Calls Received, Answered Within 10 Seconds Increasing

Administrative Measures

Percent of Targets Met Remaining Steady

Cost Per Capita Compared to Bay Area Counties Increasing

Of the 9 Bay Area Counties, SMC-Public Safety Communications is 1 of only 4 (along with Marin, San Francisco, and Santa Clara) operating consolidated centers, providing dispatch services to EMS/Medical, Fire, and Police agencies.

Percent of Employees Describing Their Experience Working for the County as 'Good' or 'Very Good' Decreasing

Percent of Employee Evaluations Completed Annually Increasing

FY 2013-15 Highlights

  • Dispatch Center Improvements
  • New facility planning
  • Recruit, select, hire and train 17 new employees
  • Implement a Performance Management Program

FY 2015-17 Priorities

  • New facility planning, development and project management
  • Succession Planning and training
  • Develop Employee Engagement and Retention strategies

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Update 01-28-2016