Public Works: Airports (4850B)

Program Outcome Statement

Ensure the safe operation and maintenance of County-operated Airports

Program Services

  • Provide tenant space and services to support more than 500 aircraft, 25 aviation related businesses, and a variety of emergency service and response functions including Air-Ambulance and Medivac flights
  • Manage and maintain over 500 acres of airport facilities, infrastructure, and equipment
  • Perform design and environmental studies for future federally funded safety, security and infrastructure improvements at San Carlos and Half Moon Bay Airports.


The San Mateo County Airports strive to engage and educate the local community about the important benefits of the Airports. The Program operates and maintains the San Carlos and Half Moon Bay Airports in compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations, State requirements, and County Airport Noise Abatement Procedures.

San Carlos Airport - Number of Maintenance Requests Meeting Target

Percent of Aircraft Observed in Compliance with Noise Abatement Procedures Not Meeting Target

Percent of Occupancy Meeting Target

FY 2018-19 Mid-Year Story Behind Performance

Number of Maintenance Requests Completed by Airport Staff at the San Carlos Airport
The Program is projected to meet its FY 2018-19 target by completing over 130 Airport maintenance requests. This includes all requests for maintenance at the San Carlos Airport, such as hangar door repairs, taxiway lighting replacements, and plumbing issues that are reported by tenants or users of the Airport. The Program maintains over 100 acres of facilities at the San Carlos Airport.
Percent of Aircraft Observed in Compliance with Noise Abatement Procedures
The Program is not projected to meet its FY 2018-19 target of 99% of aircraft observed operating in compliance with the Airport’s voluntary noise abatement procedures (NAPs). Through the first half of FY 2018-19, the Program observed 5,294 aircraft, of which 5,015, (95%), were in compliance with the NAPs.  In FY 2017-18, the Program introduced new technology to automate and monitor compliance with the NAPs.  The Program understood this technology would result in a more accurate measurement, but lower percentage of compliance. The Program will continue to monitor compliance with NAPs using this technology, communicate the NAPs policy with pilots, and work with Airport tenants, businesses, and associations to achieve a high level of pilot compliance at both Airports.
Percent of Occupancy
The Program is projected to meet its FY 2018-19 target for the percentage of rented hangars and T-shades, with an occupancy rate of 94%. The Program is also projected to meet its target for the percentage of rented office space and concession areas, with an occupancy rate of 92%.  Hangars and T-shades have waiting lists of three years and one year, respectively. The demand for aircraft storage at both the San Carlos and Half Moon Bay Airports remains strong.  In addition, the Program currently has three vacancies in office rental space and a vacant hangar at the Airport.  The Airport is renovating office space to meet customer demand.

Future Priorities

  • Continue development of an Airport Noise Management Plan that includes expanded community and pilot education and outreach efforts to address areas of community concern
  • Continue to implement Best Practices from the Aircraft Disturbance Study including updating Airport policies, website, procedures, rules and regulations, and minimum business standards

Author: Rochelle Kiner, Deputy Director     Contact Email:     Date Updated: 01-17-2019