Public Works: Facilities Services (4730B)

Program Outcome Statement

Maintain County facilities in an efficient, professional and sustainable manner

Program Services

  • Facilities Maintenance and Operations
  • Strategic Energy Management
  • Facilities Project Management
  • Manage Quality of Work Environment (FCIS)
  • Building Services


Facilities Services maintains over 3.2 million square feet of office and special purpose facilities including detention facilities, hospitals, and shelters. The Program provides maintenance, repair, custodial, and project management services for County facilities at locations dispersed throughout the County. On average, the Program resolves 15,000 service requests annually and performs scheduled preventive maintenance on critical building assets and systems. The Program plans and executes the County's Capital Improvement Program and monitors trends in the Facilities Condition Index (FCI) to ensure major maintenance and component renewal requirements are properly identified, prioritized, and funded. In addition, the Program executes the County's Strategic Energy Master Plan to ensure the County achieves its energy and greenhouse gas emissions goals, monitors energy consumption, and coordinates with the operations staff to integrate energy efficiency in the preventive maintenance program.

Facilities Condition Measure Below Target

Percent of Energy Efficient Facilities Measure Below Target

Energy Usage Per Square Foot Meeting Target

FY 2018-19 Mid-Year Story Behind Performance

Facilities Condition Measure

The Program is not projected to meet its targets for weighted average Facility Condition Index (FCI) by building category. The Program has reviewed the FCIS report and has developed a workplan for FY 2019-20 and FY 2020-21 with the primary focus continuing to be placed on those building with the most needs.

Percent of Energy Efficient Facilities

The Program is not projected to meet its target for facilities achieving Energy Star certifications on eligible buildings. In August 2018, the federal Environmental Protection Agency updated its entire database and revised its Energy Star calculations for buildings across the nation. This has caused several of our facilities’ Energy Star ratings to be downgraded. Under the new calculations, only 3 of the 7 possible Energy Star certifiable facilities meet the target. The HSA Building and the Hall of Justice have been revised downward and no longer meet the Energy Star certification requirements. However, the EPA Building, Agricultural Building, and 555 County Center still meet the Energy Star requirements.   The Program will focus on monitoring building HVAC controls to reduce energy usage, which should position the Program to obtain additional Energy Star certifications in more facilities in FY 2019-20.

Energy Usage per Square Foot
In FY 2018-19, the Program is projected to meet its target for energy usage per square foot for all categories: Detention, Health and Hospital, Offices, and Other. The East Palo Alto (EPA) Government Center Building experienced a solar inverter failure in October causing an increased use in electricity in the “Offices” category. However, the Program was able to repair the inverters quickly, which minimized the usage of electricity. The Program will continue to focus on reducing energy use by improving facilities’ mechanical and electrical systems.

Future Priorities

  • HOJ Remodel of 1st Floor
  • East Palo Alto Government Center Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Upgrade
  • Human Services Safe Harbor Shelter Improvements
  • Wunderlich Park Carriage House Improvements 
  • County Fire Alarm Upgrade Phase 1
  • Pine Street Warehouse Reconstruction
  • Radio Shop Relocation

Author: Jim Porter, Director     Contact Email:     Date Updated: 01-22-2019