Public Works: Public Works Administration (4510B)

Program Outcome Statement

Provide management, policy setting, and administrative services to the Department of Public Works

Program Services

  • Finance, accounting, and contracts management
  • Budget and performance management
  • Policy and program development
  • Payroll and human resource management
  • Information technology management
  • Safety and risk management


Public Works Administration provides leadership and support to Public Works programs, enabling the Department to accomplish its mission.

Customer Satisfaction Rating Meeting Target

Employee Evaluations Completed Improving

Employees Rating of Experience Working for the County Meeting Target

FY 2017-18 Mid-Year Story Behind Performance

Customer Satisfaction Rating - Department Roll Up

The Department is projected to meet its FY 2017-18 target for percentage of customers rating department services as good or better. Providing excellent customer service continues to be one of the top goals of the Department. The Department regularly monitors customer service survey responses to be more responsive to the community, to identify and resolve issues quickly, and to look for opportunities for improvement. The Department initiated several process improvement efforts and identified opportunities for greater outreach efforts, such as using social media for information dissemination, and enhancing web pages to increase accessibility of information regarding services, projects, and programs. 

Employee Evaluations Completed

The Department is not projected to meet its FY 2017-18 target of 90% of employee evaluations completed. The Department has made significant improvements in the percentage of evaluations completed, going from 21% in FY 2014-15 to 67.3% in FY 2016-17.  While the Department will make every effort to meet its goal, it may take a little more time to reach.  The Department supports the development of its employees and finds one of the greatest tools to motivate and recognize employee efforts is through an evaluation. Because this is such an important goal, the Department implemented several business processes to increase the number of evaluations completed and meet the Department’s target. These efforts include better tracking, communication with managers and supervisors, and the prioritization of this goal by executive staff. Staff will also focus on working with the managers and/or supervisors that have the most difficulty completing their performance evaluations each year to see what additional steps the Department can take to increase compliance.

Employees Rating of Experience Working for the County

The Department has met its FY 2017-18 target with 81.7% of employees rating their experience working for the County as good or better. The Department has a strong commitment to training and development which increases productivity, collaboration, and employee commitment to the success of the organization. These efforts have significantly increased the Department’s employee engagement ratings in several key areas such as; the Executive Team creating an environment that drives high performance, trust, recognition and support of employees, and effective communication of Departmental and County goals.  The Department values its employees and plans to continue to engage employees through collaboration, intra-department teams, strategic planning, and recognition.

Future Priorities

  • Utilize surveys and other appropriate techniques to develop a deeper understanding of customer needs, improve processes, streamline service delivery, and improve customer service
  • Use technology to better track and communicate the status of employee evaluations
  • Identify additional ways to recognize employees for their quality work and contribution to the organization
  • Complete the departmental organizational review and identify opportunities to define career paths and future development

Author: Rochelle Kiner, Deputy Director     Contact Email:      Date Updated: 01-23-2018