Sheriff's Office (3000B)


The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office protects life and property and preserves the public peace.
The Sheriff enforces state laws and County ordinances, prevents crime, supports positive youth development, apprehends criminals, supervises and cares for incarcerated prisoners, coordinates emergency services, processes civil actions, and provides security for the Court, Health Services, County employees, SamTrans / Caltrain, and the public visiting County facilities.
The Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing effective professional law enforcement services in a humane and cost-efficient manner, while supporting positive development within our communities and our youth population.

Department Headline Measures

Average Response Time for Priority One Calls

Dollar Value Saved by Use of Volunteer Force

Budget Summary

FY 2017-18

  • Total Sources: $106,353,751
  • Total Requirements: $243,847,238
  • Net County Cost: $137,493,487
  • Funded FTEs: 811

FY 2018-19

  • Total Sources: $128,813,406
  • Total Requirements: $268,658,254
  • Net County Cost: $139,844,848
  • Funded FTEs: 811

Program Results

Number of Life Endangering Interventions on the Railway System

Number of Bomb Squad Call-Outs where a Suspicious Device is Located

Number of Inmates Assessed with CAIS

Number of Community Service Hours Performed by Sheriff's Work Program

Administrative Measures

Percent of Outcome and Efficiency Goals and Benchmarks Met

Percent of Customer Survey Respondents Rating Services as Good or Better

San Mateo County Jail Population per 100,000 Adults

Percent of Employees Rating Experience Working for the County as Very Good

Percent of Employee Evaluations Completed Annually

Percent of Employees Meeting the 20 Hour Annual Training Requirement

Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST), and Standards and Training for Corrections (STC) for sworn staff is at 100%

FY 2015-17 Highlights

  • Opened Maple Street Correctional Center
  • Implemented vehicle technology
  • Transitioned correctional food service operations
  • Invested in San Mateo County's youth
  • Upgrades to Coyote Point Training Center

FY 2017-19 Priorities

  • Intelligence Led Policing
  • Expand mental health services to inmates
  • Prepare inmates for their transition out of jail
  • Progressive programs for inmates
  • Continue to support positive youth development

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Author: Deniz Tunc, Management Analyst     Contact Email:     Last Updated: 09-06-2017