Sheriff's Office: Court Security & Transportation Bureau (3158P)

Program Outcome Statement

Provide court security, civil enforcement, and the secure transportation of inmates

Program Services

  • Court Security
  • Civil Enforcement
  • Transportation


The Court Security and Transportation Bureau provides security to the Courts and Superior Court staff, including four operating court houses. Court Security Services provides court security and checkpoint security for judicial officers in the County’s four courthouses: Hall of Justice, Traffic Annex, North County Court, and the Youth Services Center. The Bureau is also responsible for investigating threats and other criminal activity as it relates to the Superior Court.
Within the same Bureau, Transportation Services provides secure transportation of inmates to/from court appointments, medical appointments, other county and state correctional facilities, as well as prisoner extradition services throughout the United States. Safety and security goals are achieved by providing ongoing training, acquiring and maintaining state of the art transportation vehicles and restraints, and ensuring all deputies are properly equipped to address any issue such as criminal activity or medical emergencies.
The Bureau also provides civil court enforcement services to the County. The unit maintained a high level of safety and performance while providing security for 30 courtrooms and four security checkpoints. The Sheriff’s Office developed a Service Level Agreement with the State of California and is responsible for court security funding from the State. The four security checkpoints within the court houses work in concert with a contracted private security firm in an effort to monitor operating costs. 

Number of Staff and Public Injuries During Transportation Details

Number of Inmates Transported Annually per Deputy

Number of Temporary Restraining Orders Served or Attempted Service

FY 2018-19 Mid-Year Story Behind Performance

Number of Staff and Public Injuries During Transportation Details

So far in FY 2018-19, the Bureau ensured the safe and timely transport of inmates with zero incidents or injuries to staff or the public. This is consistent with prior years, and due to effective procedures and training.

Number of Inmates Transported Annually per Deputy

During the first half of FY 2018-19, the Bureau transported an average of 1,366 inmates per deputy. The increase in the number of inmates transported is attributed to the addition of the Maple Street Correctional Center and the ability to house more inmates.

Number of Temporary Restraining Orders Served or Attempted Service

The Civil Enforcement Bureau performs mandated Court-ordered services such as countywide evictions, possession levies, sales of real and personal property, and service of various types of court processes – including various types of restraining orders, child support warrants, and many other court-issued documents.

The Sheriff’s Office served or attempted to serve 271 Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO) through the first half of FY 2018-19. The decrease in the number of TRO’s can be attributed to the duration/renewal of the initial restraining order.

Future Priorities

  • Improve efficiency within the Bureau
  • Continue to embrace technology to streamline processes including the inmate management system and the court management system
  • Ensure that staff are adequately trained in order to minimize risks
Author: Deniz Tunc, Management Analyst     Contact Email:     Date Created: 09-01-2017