Sheriff's Office: Support Services Division (3013P)

Program Outcome Statement

Provide training, personnel, records, property, payroll, and relief staffing services

Program Services

  • Training
  • Personnel
  • Records
  • Property
  • Payroll


The Support Services Division oversees a variety of responsibilities including the recruiting, hiring, and training of all Sheriff’s Office employees in addition to payroll services. Recruiting efforts are ongoing and a top priority for the Division. The Sheriff’s Office strives to build a top notch workforce which reflects the diversity of the communities we serve. 
Additionally, the Division maintains records for candidates, employees, and allied agencies in order to ensure adequate departmental staffing and oversight. The Division also coordinates and maintains records for all mandated and elective training for members of the Sheriff’s Office.   
The Property Bureau continues to maintain a safe and secure environment for all found property, as well as evidence that will be required for the successful prosecution of cases investigated by the Sheriff’s Office and Joint Task Forces. The Property Bureau also provides fingerprinting services for the County of San Mateo as well as members of the public.
The Criminal Records Bureau continues to lead the Sheriff’s Office in hosting and retrieving critical data in support of the Sheriff’s initiative of Intelligence Led Policing. The Records Bureau manages the distribution of our mandated Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) each month to the Department of Justice. Law enforcement agencies use this data to determine crime trends, allocate resources, and determine the most suitable approach for crime suppression. Citizens can then use this data to examine and learn how crime impacts their communities and how they can best help prevent being victimized. Criminal Records services are available at the Hall of Justice in Redwood City, and at all Sheriff’s Office substations in San Carlos, Millbrae, and Half Moon Bay.

Percent of New Hires Who Are Female and/or Minority Officers

Total Number of STC/POST Training Hours Received

Total Uniform Crime Report Crimes (Violent and Property)

FY 2018-19 Mid-Year Story Behind Performance

Percent of New Hires Who Are Female and/or Minority Officers

During the first half of FY 2018-19, the Support Services Division hired 38 sworn employees. Of the new hires who elected to provide the requested demographic information, 82% were either female and/or a minority. This greatly exceeds our goal of 50%, and demonstrates our commitment to maintaining a diverse workforce.
Total Number of STC/POST Training Hours Received

In the first half of FY 2018-19, Sheriff’s Office employees completed 15,658 hours of training. This achievement follows State regulatory authorities, and includes both Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) and Standards and Training for Corrections (STC). The Sheriff’s Office training hours apply to all staff and includes hours from the Police Academy, Corrections Academy, promotional trainings, investigative trainings, and other specialty trainings.

Total Uniform Crime Report Crimes (Violent and Property)

The Sheriff's Office uses crime data extensively to determine trends and patterns so resources are deployed accordingly. Violent and property crimes are considered Part I crime statistics and include homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny, auto theft, and arson.
In the first half of FY 2018-19, 1,602 Part I crimes were reported across all Sheriff’s Office jurisdictions, which include unincorporated San Mateo County, Woodside, Portola Valley, San Carlos, Millbrae, Half Moon Bay, Transit, and the San Francisco International Airport.

Future Priorities

  • Continue to focus on hiring a diverse workforce to adequately reflect the needs of the Sheriff's Office and the communities we serve
  • Prioritize succession planning and cross-training
  • Continue to utilize statistical analysis in order to best determine crime trends and patterns, and deploy appropriate resources in line with the Sheriff's initiative of Intelligence Led Policing

Author: Deniz Tunc, Management Analyst     Contact Email:     Date Created: 09-01-2017