Treasurer-Tax Collector:
Revenue Services (1530P)

Program Outcome Statement

Increase County revenue by performing debt collection services.

Program Services

  • Collection Services


The primary goal of Revenue Services is to support agencies and departments in their effort to recover revenue by providing timely, professional and cost effective collection services. Revenue Services pursues payment of delinquent debt owed to County departments, including, but not limited to, the San Mateo Medical Center, Superior Court, Probation Department, Sheriff’s Office, Environmental Health, and the Human Services Agency. Services provided include establishing accounts, billing and collection, contacting debtors, processing payments, and posting revenue.

Dollars Collected Decreasing

Dollars collected has been impacted by the decrease of accounts and amounts referred this fiscal year from previous years due to the California legislature SB190 which amended the law to limit authority of local agencies to assess and collect certain specified fees against families of persons subject to the juvenile delinquency system and the dollar amount of accounts referred from San Mateo Medical Center has decreased. In addition, the influx of less experienced collectors, due to retirements and other vacancies, has impacted the collection results. Once experience is gained, given time, collection projections should return to previous year’s figures.

Cost of Collections Ratio Increasing

The projection for cost of collection has increased mainly due to the decrease in dollars collected. Expenditures have remained steady.

Achieve At Least 60% Court Ordered Debt Comprehensive Collection Program Remains Steady

Standards by which a court or county may recover the costs of a court-ordered debt comprehensive collection program are provided in Section 1463.007 of the Penal Code. A comprehensive collection program must meet certain criteria including the utilization of at least ten collection activity components.

FY 2016-17 Year-End Story Behind the Performance

Revenue Services collected $16.3 million in total revenue which exceeds the target of $16 million for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2017. The division receives revenue from charges for collection services for the County departments which include San Mateo Courts, Probation Department, and San Mateo Medical Center. During the last decade, the division's revenues and expenses simultaneously increased, allowing it to maintain a positive fund balance each fiscal year. However, over the last few years, the gap between revenues and expenses began to narrow resulting in decreasing net asset balance. For this reason, it is now vitally important that the division is focusing on improving collection performance and investing in variable expenses while monitoring the fixed expenses.The primary obstacle impacting collections is the high cost of living in the Bay Area. 

Future Priorities

  • Continue to monitor division budget and maximize resources to meet the operational needs of the division
  • Implement a new IVR system that will also be accessible to our Spanish speaking customers
Author: Tiffany Htwe     Email:     Last Updated: 1/31/2018