Treasurer-Tax Collector: Treasurer (1520P)

Program Statement

Manages and protects the financial assets of the County.
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Services We Provide

  • Investment of the County Pool
  • Banking Services
  • School Bonds Paying Agent
  • Cash Management Services


The County Treasurer is responsible for the receipt, custody, and investment of all monies placed in the County Treasury for all County departments, schools, cities, and special districts. The Treasurer oversees all banking operations and the county investment pool. The primary objective of the Treasurer is to preserve principal, maintain sufficient liquidity to meet the financial needs of the County at all times, and earn a reasonable rate of return.

Investment Pool Compliance Remains Steady

All Compliance and Audit Reports were exception free. The Investment Specialists strive to ensure all transactions comply with both the investment policy and state code.

County Pool Dollar Earnings Increasing

We continuously outperform both the market as well as many other county pools within the state of California. Earnings performance is hindered by the large dollar volume of voluntary participants currently in the pool, in excess of $1 billion dollars. We outperform in spite of having to maintain much higher levels of liquidity due to the uncertainty of these deposits. Dollar Earnings continue to increase as the pool size grows each year due to new bond issues, and the ever increasing balances of voluntary participants. More participants retain higher balances due to our above-market earnings rate.
Yield is calculated on an accrual basis using a 365-day calendar year. Earnings are calculated as follows: 
(Earnings* + Capital Gains) - (Fees+Amortized Premiums + Capital Losses)/Average Daily Pool Balance 
* Earnings equal net interest payments + accrued interest + accreted discounts

County Pool Gross Earnings Rate Increasing

Our earnings rate remains consistently one of, if not the highest, in the state. The earnings rate has recently been increasing mainly due to market conditions and the active management philosophy. We practice the active management which is a much better strategy than a buy and hold strategy.

Story Behind Performance

The division strives to ensure that all transactions comply with the investment policy and state code. The County's investment pool is estimated to be earning $105 million and will be exceeding the target of $75 million for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2019. The County Pool yield rate is expected to be at 2.28 percent for FY 18-19. Our earnings rate remains competitive with the Local Agency Investment Fund (LAIF). As a Paying Agent for the County, the Treasurer is currently handling 158 General Obligation bonds, seven Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes, and one Bond Anticipation Notes. The Treasurer manages approximately a $5.75 billion investment pool that is comprised of 21.3 percent voluntary and 78.7 percent involuntary participants. The Treasurer’s Office processes investment and cash management related transactions in a timely manner while managing the banking services for the County. As of December 31, 2018, all transactions that are in compliance with no exceptions noted by internal and external audits, processed 32,362 transactions at its cash management area, managing 63 bank accounts for the County departments and the special districts, and efficiently handled over 1,658 investment transactions and 312 wire requests by the investment team.

Future Priorities

  • Strive to stay competitive or outperform the LAIF
  • Achieve an overall customer satisfaction rating of 90 percent or higher
  • Process 98 percent of deposits within a day
  • Continue cross-training for effective continuation of department functions during unanticipated absences
Author: Tiffany Htwe     Contact Email:     Last Updated: 1/28/2019